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POSTED: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 6:59pm

UPDATED: Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 3:54pm

The news this week rightfully so has been about Hurricane Sandy.

It's even shut down the presidential sprint to the finish line -- at least for a few days.

But one story that won't go away is Benghazi. It's like Jay Leno has said "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" has become the official line for this administration when it come to the Benghazi attack.

The main stream media has been doing nothing but protecting the president about Libya.

Lord, have mercy, if this would have been a Republican administration, there would already be impeachment papers hot on the copy machine.

But to everyone's surprises, the liberal editorialist of one of the nations most left wing papers has come out in favor of seeing what really happened.

David Ignatius is asking,  "was it wise to depend on a Libyan militia that clearly wasn't up to the job? "

Second, why didn't the United States send armed drones or other air assistance to Benghazi immediately?

What more could have been done? A Joint Special Operations Command team was moved that night to Sigonella air base in Sicily, for quick deployment to Benghazi or any of the other U.S. facilities in danger that night across North Africa. Armed drones could also have been sent.

These questions do need to be answered.

Watergate was a bungled burglary where the only thing that died was the career of a lying president.

Four Americans died here. Two fought to the death in a fire fight I can only imagine.

But, these questions need to be answered by the administration because they are not going away any time soon.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Just a few more of our Hero's abandoned by the media with the blessing ( and probably the direction ) of our President. When there's no separation of Media and State it's called propaganda not news.

The investigation is are not privy to the investigation...shut up! Your liar candidate willard has been quite busy this week...the reason he doesn't take questions from anyone is that he and his staff know that the only time he isn't telling lies is when his mouth is shut! Jeep is not sending American jobs to China...some states requested work waivers for taylor-made requirements for welfare...willard is the most dispicable liar on this planet today...oops...forgot ryan, too!

They are stone walling. It is my understanding tha tthe president watched this attack in real time and then went to bed. Treason by Obama, Hillary etc. Should be punished as such. The liberal media going along with this cover-up is just as disturbing. I want these deaths avenged.

Speculating, he and/or his subordinates either mis-assessed the situation or tried to adhere to his policies of no military action to keep from alienating his base. He screwed up. He should have come clean or told us nothing citing a investigation. Blaming a video, imprisoning the maker, and trying to convince radicals they had nothing to do with the video was the wrong tact.

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