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We need more manners


POSTED: Monday, June 18, 2012 - 5:48pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 10:54am

Last Friday the president gave a speech in the rose garden.

You know by now it was a purely political move trying to brook favor with the Latino voting block.

The president went around Congress to say, let's not deport illegals who are here between the age of 16-30 and are decent citizens.

Now, those folks can compete with Americans who need jobs.

But that is not what this commentary is about.

Right in the middle of it, a reporter from a right-wing website called out the president, interrupted him.

It was obvious the president was angry and the reporter and the president went back and forth. This should have never happened.

Yes, the president should have more news conferences and take questions from reporters. There is no doubt he is ducking the press.

But to out and out interrupt is wrong and rude.

What have we become?

I think it's wrong with code pink interrupts people in the middle of what they want to say.

I mean, protesting is the American way.

If I felt so strongly about a politician and I wanted to go where they were making an appearance and hold a sign outside or say something when they go to and from their car that's ok.

But we seriously have to re-think our manners.

It doesn't matter how you feel about the president, but you ave to respect the office of the presidency.

We have to respect each others right to say what they want to say no matter how much we like it or loathe it.

Sam Donaldson used to yell at President Reagan, but that was to and from the presidential chopper while Reagan was walking on the White House lawn.

It was rude, but not the same as what happened on Friday.

We can talk about what the president said later on this week.

But he is the president and no one should shout him down while he's making a formal news conference.

That's my point of view, what's yours.

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Well said, Neal. That reporter was out of line and rude. The POTUS should be revered and respected, irrespective of points of disagreement.

Of all the people to comment on a rude and out of line reporter, barton should be the last one to comment at all...though he may or may not believe everything negative he says or posts, he is in no way a pure who tells both sides without editorializing his personal politically beneficial opinions. barton is a tool of the ultra-conservative teavangelical majority in East Texas, nothing more...and the sad thing is he is regarded as THE authority on what he's saying/writing.

How do you show respect for the office while it is occupied by an illegal alien with a fraudulent persona whose every action has harmed the country he is supposedly leading?

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