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We paid for this?


POSTED: Friday, May 28, 2010 - 6:44pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 31, 2010 - 8:02am

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we "yes we can' and then deceive.

White house admitting today they enlisted the services of Bubba, no I didn't have sex with that woman, Ms. Lawenski. Bill Clinton, to try and foam the runway for rudderless Arlen specter who decided one day he was a Democrat.

The White House had Rahm Emanuel, formerly of the Clinton administration, try and broker a deal with Joe Sestack.

Basically it was...Joe you be a big boy and you'll get some sugarplums along the way. And that will allow walking cadaver Arlen specter run free in the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania.

Of course the White House says there was nothing formal about this.

But anytime you enlist the services of a former president to lean on someone, there is more to it.

This story is not done.

Now onto the other crazy item of the day.

I am always glad to sit back and watch my tax dollars slap me in the face.

Talk show host wannabe Travis Smiley dwells in the basement of PBS, supported by our tax dollars doing a little liberal talk show.

It's kinda like the Charlie Rose show. They all quote the New York Times and tear apart America with liberal guests.

The latest effort by Smiley takes the cake and I'm sure will put him on the map for a while, but for all the wrong reasons.

Cutting to the chase, he has a woman on his TV show and she is telling a story about escaping from Muslim terrorist and then, Smiley makes the whole deal about him and those crazy Christians and the craziness he believes.

Listen to this.(In above video)

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Neal's POV is his POV, not news, so why in the world would you add "news you won't see anywhere else" on your commercials or website when you're advertising this guy? Your POV is standard boilerplate for blow-hard conservatives, not news and not even anything new. I don't watch KETK "News" at all because of you. You're a joke, Neal Barton, and you're not at all funny.

I just want to make a comment to you Rush wantabe. I am a 45 year-old american black man. I was raised in South Central Los Angeles and now reside in east texas. I have a good paying job and also run a small business. I was raised not to blame society for my problems. My dad told me to not wait for handouts , but to hustle and work hard for whatever I wanted to accomplish in life. I did'nt blame Reagan, Clinton or either Bush's or Obama for my household problems
Grow up America

It comes as no surprise that you can't even spell Smiley's name, Mr. Barton. Seems like your still wadded up about Clinton and Monica, so much so that it has permanently clouded your ability to perceive competence. And naturally that leads to actually seeing worth in the likes of Palin, Beck, and Limbaugh. This is what happens when a little guy who is small-minded gets a podium. What a waste.

You must be worried about being exposed as the liar that you and the republicans and tea bigots are by this liberal talk show or you would not be complaining. you are afraid someone will find out the truth about all the lies that you tell farton. Opinions are not FACTS Mr. Farton

Neal's POV is why we don't watch KETK "news".

News is supposed to be a presentation of the facts of the day. Not the opinion of some guy who has access to a TV camera and station.

We get it Neal, your station is in last place in the market, so why not use the Foxnews model of all opinion, fear mongering "infotainment".

Get back to news and maybe someone will watch.

Tavis is pandering to the President. It seems to be vogue among those in the media to talk against Christianity. The cowards that shot those students were not Christians. They even asked the young lady if she believed in Christ and when she said yes they shot her. Tracy Lawrence has a song on his album about that very incident. The name of the album is The Rock. Excellent album.

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