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Weather, or not


POSTED: Friday, February 21, 2014 - 4:25pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 1:00pm

It sure has been cold this winter.

BusinessWeek reports last fall the Climate Prediction Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted that temperatures would be above normal from November through January across much of the lower 48 states.

You know, Scott Chesner called me over last fall and showed me the jet stream forecast. It was dipping down across the southern United States. He said I think this is going to happen. Scott said if this does, we are in for a cold winter and we'll see some wintry precipitation.

Well, so far Scott has been right on the money and the "government's army," and I mean "army of weather guessers" have not had a great season.

"Not one of our better forecasts," admits Mike Halpert, the Climate Prediction Center's acting director.

So far, Scott is winning. But, the weather business is a humbling business. Success one week can means embarrassment the next.

What Scott tells me is a bit troubling and that is the weather service is still not back off their forecast of a warmer winter. I do dearly hope the weather service is not being politicized.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Well idiot we will have precious little ways to intervene if there is a serious non-nuclear war, and most wars will be non-nuclear we really really hope!

Now China is becoming a major player in the Pacific. One aircraft carrier already there and they are building more. Japan as even aligned with Korea over China now. Russia is expanding to. North Korea is still nutso and Iran is going nuke.

Hope the gong does not sound and we have to little. Remember.. we can have another Pearl Harbor.

Of all the disgusting tripe that's ever been posted on ketk's miserable excuse for a community dialogue site, the dribble below takes the gold star for stupidity, ranting, rambling, anti-civil, and worthless garbage...Sheila ,jpttm and deaf just adore seeing their names in print, and all need to sign the petition making Texas the go-to destination for those folks who hate EVERYTHING...and townidiot, I know you like to mix it up with these trolls, but it's crazy to try to go toe-to-toe with them.

Note: you can tell these two have realized they have lost the debate. They've turned to insults and character attacks.

Idiot... 2nd Amendment, the ONLY amendment, says 'SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED'. Not even the first amendment says that.

And Stevens also said he would have re-wrote the Bill of Rights. He said he would have the 2nd say

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms when serving in the militia shall not be infringed."

Impliing he was wrong on his dissent in the Heller case.

In short he was daffy.

Its meeting goals alright, because they keep revising them down.

Yankee Blowhard/ socialist worker, There is no proof in any of what you parrot from the media. Blaming Bush for his Prescription Medical Assistance program or RINO Romney for a similar program in Mass. does not change the known effects of Obamacare; it is a job killer. There is another saying in Texas you should learn, "if you can't stand the heat then get your Carpetbaggin' ACORN lovin' butt out of Texas".

Yankee Blowhard/liar -another ignorant post from you blind to the jobs lost by full time employees, blind to the businesses forced to close under the weight of mandated coverage, blind to those who are forced to quit working so they can qualify for healthcare subsidies after being kicked-off of their plan. You call me a bigot, but you're OK with Affirmative Action laws which discriminate against whites solely by race. High paying jobs, an awful joke when they come at a nations expense.

"Ancient Eskimo Village Discovered Thanks to Depleting Arctic Ice Caps"

Uh... don.. 500 years is not "Ancient".

And ice melts in Alaska.... every year. And they do have flooding... every years. Lst time they didn't have flooding was about 15000 years ago duing the mini-ice age!

Hope for change in 2014. Time to relocate the Democrats to the unemployment rolls.

More cut and paste off topic idiotic posts from our resident socialist

Media sources have confirmed that Old Man Winter is a white guy.

No it is not warming in the North, it all just a lie ain't that right neal, deag and commie SJ

Ancient Eskimo Village Discovered Thanks to Depleting Arctic Ice Caps

500-year-old village

Your comment also states that 500 years ago, before man made climate change, Eskimos enjoyed a warmer environment.

29 July 2013 Last updated at 20:15 ET Share this pageEmail Print Share this page

ShareFacebookTwitter.The Alaskan village set to disappear under water in a decadeBy Stephen Sackur


You describe a rising seafloor not polar melt. The solid ice occupies a greater volume than does the liquid water. When polar ice melts, sea levels fall. You can conduct this experiment at home with a glass, water, and ice cubes. Watch what happens to the water level when the ice melts.

That's true for the north ice cap which is afloat on the sea, but not for the southern cap which most of it sits atop a land mass. Though considering the size of Antarctica against the volume of the oceans, I can't see the sea level rising more than a foot or two, not the six or more some predict.

You're exactly right Jpttm, and I'm not surprised that you caught that I purposely kept my response simple so as to not confuse Dumber than Dirt Don. You do however bring into the conversation something Al Gore didn't address; the orographic temp. change (if any) as the greenhouse effect would have a ceiling. Also, Don's Eskimo village could be subsiding.

By Juliet Eilperin, Published: August 5, 2012
Alaskan Arctic villages hit hard by climate change

Alaska faces severe storm with less ice to protect its coasts
Lauren Morello, E&E reporter Thursday, November 10, 2011
A rare and powerful storm hit the western coast of Alaska yesterday, battering communities from the Aleutian Islands to the Bering Sea with rain, snow, strong waves and hurricane-force winds.
As the storm began to move out last night, the National Weather Service warned that a lack of sea ice along Alaska's shoreline left some villages more vulnerable to severe coastal erosion

Division of Spill Prevention and Response
Prevention and Emergency Response Program
TYPE/EXTENT OF DAMAGE: Heavy snow melt and ice dams have caused rivers and streams to rise and caused flooding in the Fairbanks area and the communities of Eagle, Buckland, Chalkyitsik and Kobuk. Many homes and businesses have been flooded or in the process of being flooded. Several specific areas have been evac


Alaska Flooding (DR-4122)

Incident period: May 17, 2013 to June 11, 2013

Major Disaster Declaration declared on June 25, 2013

United States Government Accountability Office Report to Congressional RequestersUnited
Limited Progress Has Been Made on Relocating Villages Threatened by Flooding and Erosion due to Melting Ice

Sounds like a shovel-ready Job to me Don. Too bad Alaska is a Republican state.

Aaaahhhh... it's... it's the Ppppp "Polar Vortex"! TEOTWAWKI!

But you fools, go look at the years before. The "Polar Vortex" is just a new name for a cold front.

I guess none of you lived through the cold years we had in the mid '70s. So cold here in Texas we had three ICE STORMS each year. So hot in Texas in the summer we had the roads melt.

But like I posted the global warmest failed in all their predictions. Hurricanes, sea rising, global temperatures rising, etc... one big sham.

Not nearly the big sham that our national elections are. If you can see through this sham then, why not the other ?

Meteorologist are predicting another "Polar Vortex" {also known as an Arctic cold front prior to media's sensationalizing weather for agenda reasons} to enter US next week.

The "Farmers' Almanac" correctly predicted the unusually cold 2014 winter for N. America. As for Chesner, even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.

Best predictors of weather are in the UK and Europe. They have better computers (and programs) doing the analysis- NOAA is way behind but working to catch up- the problem is lack of $$$$$.

NOAA and the Weather Channel both seem heavily vested into global warming, gleaning from what seems their tacts and foci in their reporting.
That being said, the Weather Channel website today was reporting that NOAA reports that average temps across the US is about normal. The report continues to say it's because the extreme cold in the east has been offset by warmer than average weather west of the Rockies. Not to say that's inaccurate, but it does seem to be an attempt to down play the cold.

Global Warmest 'scientist' predicted many hurricanes every year both in power and number. Well we have had na-da.

They predicted the oceans would rise and by now places like New Orleans would be swimming. Well we have had na-da.

They predicted overall temperatures would have risen b now. Turns out over the whole earth the temps have actually decreased slight in the last 10 years.

Then they were exposed having lied on their data.

Yet somehow we are supposed to let them ruin our economy.

Yankee Blowhard, in a thread dated 2/15 you were a social worker, yesterday you were employed by a corp. for over thirty years, today you are a former weatherman. If we could eliminate all your hot-air then even the gov. might concede the earth is cooling down. I see what it is about Obama you like so much, you are both liars.

Well, you're right about one thing. The ACA (we can't call it Obamacare anymore because it has become an embarrassment to him) will change the landscape of America. It has...for the worse.

Yankee Blowhard, from your tirade you must have flunked the social part of your job, but then what would that matter to an employee of 30 years on low pay, hating the GREEDY company where you worked. All that tough college work, which required no math or science, the high IQ that must have gone to waste in a field of employment created for Affirmative Action hires. Yours is a personality mired in self importance and pseudo intellectuality. In other words, who gives a damn what you think.

Yankee Blowhard/braggart - Your statement is only proof that even a monkey can get a degree from certain schools. I've read you, and you're no great thinker. I contend my diagnosis of you as a pathological liar is accurate. How is it you believed a devalued dollar made paying foreign debt harder, and by that thought are ignorant of the true geopolitical world landscape? No, you're no great thinker, you're not even bright.

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