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POSTED: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 - 7:46pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - 11:13am

This following is from religion writer Bill Wilson and I agree with him.

The arrest of Jose Pimentel says a lot about the war on terror, homeland security, the news media and the Islamic threat to America.

Just in case that name does not ring a bell, Pimentel is that 27-year old man whom New York police arrested on charges of plotting to build bombs to kill American soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He also wanted to kill police and bomb post offices.

He is a naturalized US citizen born in the Dominican Republic.

In most news stories from major media, the fact that Pimentel is a converted Muslim is buried or never revealed.

But Pimentel's post-conversion name is Muhammad Yusuf which was not reported by mainstream US media, but rather by the UK Telegraph and the UK Independent.

Wilson points out there is more to the story.

The FBI and homeland security didn't see Yusuf as a threat and declined to take on the case, according to the New York Police Department. NYPD, however, persisted that Yusuf was worth watching.

Yusuf was a follower of al-Qaeda. Yusuf was inspired by al-Qaeda's online magazine "Inspire" to use an article's instructions to build a bomb in your mother's kitchen.

He did. While he lived with his mom he went down to Home Depot and bought what he needed. Interesting that Yusuf's mother Carmen Sosa apologized for her son.

She said he converted to Islam after the September 11th attacks. She said all he did was pray to Allah and read the Quran.

Thank God for the NYPD.

And, I think the FBI and Department of Homeland Security need to be shaken up at the top.

Congratulations boys on not offending anyone.

You got to the party too late.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Look the two Ronnies and their anti-muslim spew brought to you by KETK our local terrorist broadcasting company. That's what you do isn't Ketk, sell terror. This is how we lost our 4th ammendment rights America, we let our government with their media sell fear, terror, to rob you of your rights and promote these two idots to spew their hate speech. Did anybody notice the bomb the guy in NewYork had, what a joke. This made-up fear is terror and our media is the terrorist.

Bear in Mind that Obama was schooled at the Mosque in Indonesia during the formative years of his brain developement. He always defaults to Muslim tenents when pressed to the wall. Those who actually believe Muslims are capable of an American Democracy which had it's origins in Christianity are fooling themselves. We should leave them to their own devices and what they do best which is killing each other.

Evidently our muslim-in-chief hasn't yet intimidated the NYPD brass as he evidently has the FBI. Of course, the DHS is run by his worthless puppet Napolitano & she would never let DHS actually thwart a muslim. It is an open question whether this country will survive Otraitor as a constitutional republic?

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