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Welfare is for those who deserve it


POSTED: Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 3:00pm

UPDATED: Saturday, May 4, 2013 - 9:25am

When you work in the news business you hear all sorts of stories.

Many of them sad, many I don't believe.

Sometimes they want us to become their representation against the storms of life.

Something we cannot do, usually.

There are just too many and that's all we'd ever do.

But I did get a call from a guy this morning.

He told me his troubles and I believed him, he can't get help.

He and his family get a $1600 check each month from the government.

After rent and utilities and phone and everything else, there is not a lot left over for this man who served his country.

That brings me to this.

The boston bombers who caused so much physical and emotional carnage got $100,000 in government money since they came here seeking refuge.

Refuge from a country they went back and vacationed in, could not have been that bad.

I find this reprehensible, and then their mother says we murdered her son.

But Judge Gene Pirro says it best on her show on Fox this past weekend.

Our welfare system stinks. It needs overhaul. There are some who really need it.

There are others who abuse it. We need to fix it so we can take better care of the people who love this county like the man I mentioned at the top of this editorial.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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That's the problem, this countries elected officials prefer illegals, foreigners and system players over its own tax paying citizens. There is something very wrong with that picture. Our government is a joke and a disgrace to this country and its citizens.

Sazuki, a nation which creates it's wealth from nothing; i.e. the printed dollar, and has no accountability to the defecit incurred, has no need for a taxpayer. That we pay taxes is merely to instil a psychology of a true econonomy, a source of punitive control, and a means to falsify democracy as we hash-out who gets what from government by our vote. Under fascism, US Corporations don't play this "taxpayer" game as GE exemplifies. The endgame is indebtedness, we all work for the company store.

Neal has his entitlements confused, that which is welfare and awarded to families; PRWORA, 1996 and TANF in 1997, from the entitlements awarded refugees and those seeking asylum which receive SSI. As clear as the shot which opened the 1887 land grab, Reagans "Tear Down This Wall" speech was an open invitation to a hoard which has swamped this nation and devastated any real accounting of the SSI trust. We've lost our national identity, and with fake elections, being a citizen is meaningless.

Welfare should only be for those who cannot work due to being disabled like being crippled or blind. Trying to make it so easy 1/2 of the population is on welfare just cannot be supported. It does not matter if it's a capitalist, socialist, communist, or what type of economic system. To have so many on welfare bankrupts it for everyone.

LBJ's 'great society' has been one of the worst plagues on our nation. So many generations have grown up not even knowing how to work.

Education Statistics > High school diploma or higher, by percentage (most recent) by state:(includes DC).
National Ranking: # 51 Texas: 78.3%

Economy Statistics > Percent below poverty level (most recent) by state: # 8 In the NationTexas: 16.6%

Economy Statistics > Unemployment rate (most recent) by state: #12 In the Nation Texas: 5%

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