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POSTED: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 - 7:52pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 11:27am

Tongues are still wagging from Sunday night's NBC football game.

During half-time, for some inexplicable reason, sportscaster Bob Costas went into a editorial about how dangerous guns are.

Funny thing is the remarks were never labeled commentary.

See these works here on the POV? That's commentary. I own it.

Costas chose a piece written by some writer I've never heard of. It basically said we have a gun culture in America which makes us all fight at the convenience store instead of walking away from an altercations.

If the football player would not have had access to a gun, he and his baby's mother would still be alive.

Funny, Mr. Costas didn't mention the fact getting hit in the head may have been a problem for the shooter.

That has not been established. What has is the football player was reportedly drunk almost every day. He also took medication and was in a messy breakup, which is no excuse to hurt anyone.

He also bought the gun legally, but that doesn't matter to Bob. This was just another chance for the anti-gunners to get on their soap box.

Costas reportedly told his buddy Bernard Goldberg Monday, he'd never do away with the 2nd Amendment. But, that's not what I heard Sunday night.

So, Bob, there are a few games left in the season.

Let's see if Bob addresses players who have murdered or have been tried for murder. Let's see if Bob talk about their use of drugs and roughing up women. Let's see if Bob talks about players who have killed and mistreated dogs for their own personal amusement.

He's never complained before, but I am sure he will.

That's my point of view, whats yours?

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MY point of view is that the mean streak invading this country, the culture of shoot first and don't ask questions later, the frontier mentality that allows open carry and and soft justice for those who shoot innocent folks, has taken over...another person's life doesn't mean much to someone with a gun at the ready on the front seat...violent people, ordinary people ticked off at loud music, husbands and wives in the heat of an argument...senseless killing, redneck "justice"'s NEVER right!!

Our forefathers had sense enough to place in the Constitution the 2nd amendment. Somewhere they got the crazy notion that "We the people . . ." just might get a tyrannical government and "We the People . . ." just might have to shoot back. Tienneman Square comes to mind.

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