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Neal Barton's POV

We're out of control


POSTED: Friday, July 18, 2014 - 6:24pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 9:11am

The information, true and false about this story is so enormous, but I'll just say this: Not only was the downing of the Malaysian airliner horrible, but for an older TV reporter like myself, I could not believe by eyes and ears half the time.

Just the scent of another Malaysian plane down for all the networks to commit to wall-to-wall coverage for the rest of the day. The last of the confirmed information ran out about 15 minutes after the tragedy was announced.

What happened afterward is what gives me pause. It's obvious since the United States won't rattle it's sword anymore, Vladimir Putin is free to do what he wants to. We draw lines and don't enforce them.

CNN reported a few hours ago, the Russian military supplied a Buk surface-to-air missile system to pro-Russian rebels. That had to be confirmed, but we all know that.

Then the president's response from America. The president continued his road show going on to Delaware. He gave the matter 40 seconds. After that, he went into his standup routine of Joe Biden jokes and mentioned we'll see how many Americans are on board.

The State Department carries on with business usual and mentioned the downed plane. Then the spokeswoman went on about women's fashion.

Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Do we have kids running the country? Reagan responded to the Korea jet when it was shot down in '83 forcefully. He did so four days later, but he did.

The news cycle was slower back then. I hear the president today said we were doing all we can to get to the bottom of this, but I've heard that before.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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No don... 1/3 want him IMPEACHED. Others just want him to stop his stupidity.

Only 39 percent approve of his performance. That means 61 percent don't approve.

And now polls show over 1/2 of the voters WISH ROMNEY HAD BEEN ELECTED.

Wonder what old neal would do if his boss said he needed to post only positive, uplifting and encouraging posts for a week? ...and while I'm dreaming big, what if all you other naysayers did the same thing? I know... for a rabid East Texan to swallow the bile of hatred would be a stretch, wouldn't it, but would love to read something without hate/racism/holier-than-thou rhetoric for a change. Oops... I just woke up laughing at the thought that such a wild and crazy thing could happen in ET.

WOW deaf dumb and blind, 65 percent who say they want to keep President Obama as our President and 33 percent that you identify with want him to go? LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE IN THE LOSER GROUP LOSER.

We're in another state on vacation about as far from good old Texas as possible (and don't bother telling me to not come back, I'd stay if I could) and you know something?These people are nice, pleasant, don't give a damn about my politics, have genuine smiles and a sincere "hello" wherever we go, and don't exhibit any of the bitterness, pent-up hatred, racism, anarchist leanings, or I/me/mine rubbish most posters below hold so dear. East Texans could learn much about civility from these folks

News flash... a CNN/ORC International poll released Friday, 33 percent of Americans think the president should be impeached and removed from office, compared with 65 percent who say they don’t support impeachment.

Less than FIVE months till mid-term elections. Who knows.. Congress might just give Obama his walking papers after it is over.

"and you didn't alert the president about the Crimea takeover and all the other disasters around the world"..


pete, the National Security Advisor gives DAILY BRIEFS to Obama about what is happening in the word. They do that so they DO know what is going on in the world.

Just yesterday Obama said himself he does not get any 'news' from the news cause he already knows it (personally I doubt it but..that is what he said.)

The CIA also gives him daily briefings. Surely you knew that.

Sheila, want a plane ticket to Moscow? :..and deaf, the president's intelligence regarding foreign and domestic issues comes from the CIA and FBI... I don't think government is made up of a bunch of clairvoyants, and you didn't alert the president about the Crimea takeover and all the other disasters around the world, so how can you put all your venom on any one person, even a Black president you racists hate so much... start bashing your House repub/t-swiller do-nothing Congress for a change.

News flash: Obama says, "What do that have to hide" by delaying the bodies and black boxes.

Well what does Obama have to hide delaying the IRS investigation, the ATF investigation, the Benghazi investigation, the DOJ investigation. I mean if he ask why they foot drag, well why does he foot drag? Something to hide?

About the Iran airliner shootdown, they were heading toward our fleet and told to turn away. They didn't and our fleet could not afford a Kamikaze airliner. Hence they shot it down.

And ronald reagan also shot down an Iranian civilian passenger jetliner, Iran Air Flight 655, over the Persian Gulf on 3 July 1988, killing all 290 civilians on board (including 38 non-Iranians and 66 children).

Dumber than Dirt Don makes a good point for a change; the US is no stranger to the taking of innocent lives. While the fog of war is a possible explanation for the Malaysian crash, it cannot be forgotten that the war is a product of the US backed overthrow of the Ukrainian gov. in Kiev. "Separatist" is a western term for those who fight to preserve the gov, in place before our overthrow. 80 years later, we learned the Lusitania was indeed carrying arms to the war in Europe.

If giving missiles to rebels is such a bad thing why did the US do it? That's the story behind Bengahzi. I predict we'll see a similar incident involving Syrian rebels. It's time to accept that the US is no longer speaking from the moral high ground. We gave that up during the Bush administration. We also suffer from a lack of information. Thanks in large part to "news" outlets like this.

Obama disstabilized Libya and then walked off. Now Libya is basically in terrorist hands.

Obama walked off from Iraq, cut off human intelligence assets, and didn't have a clue ISIS was massing an invasion force on Iraq.

Obama is walking off from Afghanistan now to. The Tailbain rejoice.

Obama didn't have a clue Russia would annex the Crimea.

Obama didn't have Benghazi would be attacked and our people murdered.

Obama didn't have a clue Hammas would attack Israel.

But he can party!

Hamas reacted to the Israeli incursion into Gaza under the ruse of searching for 3 kidnapped Israeli teens, or did you forget that part. Hamas killed one Israeli with their unguided homemade rockets made from auto tailpipes and Israel has retaliated with weeks of aerial bombardments and shellfire directed at civilians in Gaza city. The world knows who the Israeli's really are, and we know what you really are.

So what do you propose, triangle head? Do you advocate we put all our military might, every single adult able to hold an AR whatever on the front line, and have an open season on sending wave after wave of American human potential "collateral damage" to try to finally put down Russia, for once and for all? Would you like to be riding the white horse at the front of the wave? Are you absolutely insane? Do you want the world community destroyed by a nuclear conflagration? STUPID! IDIOTIC!

In those first few moments, when facts are scarce and speculation rampant, media defined the scenario to be repeated from that point onward. That we understood the Gov. in Kiev was legitimate was crucial, a fact not true, and that we understood Russians were responsible was vital. If Ukrainian loyalist, patriots to the land they live before the western sponsored coup de tat replaced the gov. in Kiev fired the rocket then, THEY are guilty of a mistake made in the fog of war, not the Russians.

Yep, the President's plan is working. And I mean that cynically, not sarcastically.

Good point jpttm. Bush spent billions of dollars and thousands of lives, to over throw Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama has over thrown the governments of Libya, Egypt, and destabilized Syria with no boots on the ground. And for a fraction of what Bush spent. But the power void Obama's leaving behind will destabilize the region for decades to come, and leave a foothold for Chinese and Russian intervention.

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