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What about our culture do you not understand?


POSTED: Thursday, October 27, 2011 - 5:53pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 13, 2012 - 2:54pm

This from "The Tower", the school newspaper at Catholic University, in Washington DC.

A private school.

New charges have recently been filed against the university on counts of illegal discrimination against its Muslim and female students.

The official allegations claim that the school, "does not provide space - as other universities do - for the many daily prayers Muslim students must make, forcing them instead to find temporarily empty classrooms where they are often surrounded by Catholic symbols which are incongruous to their religion.

[GW Law professor John] Banzhaf claims that [Catholic] University is denying Muslim students the same benefits that students of other religions are able to enjoy since there is no formal Muslim association sponsored by Catholic University but the Columbus School of Law has an association for Jewish students.

Is this all getting out of hand.

I have nothing against Muslim people. There are many who came to this country for a better life. They love it here and they assimilated.

But here lies the problem.

There are others who are here, and now that they are here, they want us to make a featherbed for them.

The Muslims who are upset here applied to go to school at Catholic university. Not the university of Tehran at Washington D.C.

What did they think they were going to find?

Why can't they be happy to be here and use the space afforded?

This is all getting ridiculous. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

Christianity and Judaism.

We don't hate others who aren't..

But what part of our culture do you not understand?

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Let's start here in Tyler...after attended the most recent open house at the Muslim Mosque in Tyler, we, along with dozens of others who attended, can attest to the generosity, gentle nature, joy and hospitality of Tyler Muslims...some forget all of us descend from people who came to America bringing many and varied religious beliefs...peace-loving American Muslims who wish to live in peace and community with all Americans have a built-in stigma only because of their this fair?

Next thing they will ask for will be free razors to shave their naked bodies right before they blow up an infidel Christian building in the name of Allah.

AMW is correct- I am a student at Catholic University and while I certainly agree that Catholic or Protestant schools should not be forced to give in to pressures from Muslims or others to change their policies and violate their faith, no such thing is actually happening here. No Muslim student has filed a complaint against the school. It is one law professor named John Banzhaf, who also is suing our school for other things too. It is wholly unjust to blame Muslim students for this situation.

re Charles: The doctrine of their so-called religion is their motivation. The preservation of this country is mine. What could be your motivation? Could the "we" in which you claim membership be that same group that by doctrine is required to undermine our rule of law?

Rollinson, your bigotry is only surpassed by your paranoia. I am no more muslim than you are Christian. What will you do next to preserve "your" America, paint swastikas and blame protestants or just label Catholics as pedophiles?

Rollinson is quick to point-out that Americans must blindly support Israel, no matter the cost in American lives while on the other hand, Americans must not tollerate muslims. We understand Neal's motives, he gets a paycheck from the jews that control our media, but what motivates you Rollinson, what allows you to spew your bigoted hate against muslims living in America?

Devout muslims are working to subvert our rule of law and convert this country to one ruled by their Sharia law and then force infidels like me, and possibly you, to convert to islam or be killed.
Those muslims who attend the mosque and who may or may not be especially devout but do nothing to change the ideology of islam are just as guilty by supporting the ideology and Jihad.
Enough motivation for you?

How ridiculous. This is an outright attack on our culture and principles. Of course, it doesnt surprise me as you see this type of thing all over the country. Things of this nature should be immediately thrown out by our courts. On top of everything else, this is a private school that they chose to attend. Its just unbelievable whats happening to this country. Others who come here can adjust or leave. Thats about as simple as it can be said.

You claim there are some assimilated muslims. Wrong! There may be some FORMER muslims who have assimilated; and I suggest they be viewed as suspect. It is not possible for a devout muslim to be a loyal and lawful United States citizen! Their loyalty is to islam and they are required to work to overthrow our law and replace it with sharia law!!!

You should note that Banzhaf filed the suit on his own. The Muslim students at CUA did not complain. In fact, it looks like Banzhaf learned about the issue from story on a website that highlights the positive experience the Muslim students have at Catholic schools in general, and CUA in particular.

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