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What changed, nothing


POSTED: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 9:48pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 8:41pm

Here we are. The morning after, $2 billion later. The most expensive presidential election ever.

What has changed? Basically, nothing. The president will still be the president. The Dems run the Senate and the Republicans run the House.

Stocks opens 300 on the low side this morning because those in the money game were not happy with the way things turned out last night.

I heard one commentator say this last night and I fear he is right. We are on a blind course right now. People who don't pay taxes have no idea how the economic engine works. They  just keep on voting for free stuff.

It's like using a credit card or taking out a loan. One day, you're liable for every cent of that money plus interest.

The federal government continues to grown. Not grow,.explode with programs.

Now, half or more than half of the country wants free stuff. "Give me stuff. I'll take less freedom for stuff."

But, just like that borrowed money is not free, giving up freedoms is more dangerous.

So here we are, the 16 trillion debt is still there. The high unemployment is there.

I can assure you questions about Benghazi are still there. They are not going away.

So $2 billion later, what did last night change? Nothing.

It's like it Monday all over again.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Does it ever strike you 'snydergal' that those who stonewalled had a promise when elected NOT To RAISE TAXES.??
If they had not done that they were hypocritical to theier electorate.

I am an Independent, and do plenty of reseach before I either make statement or vote. I have been wrong many times in my life so I need to know form Independent sources as well as sources that have an 'agenda'.
I listen to Chris Matthews to Rush to Huff to ingram to Malkin to Drudge to Savage to???

"In GOD We Trust"......I TRUST that GOD made his choice in the Re-Election of PRESIDENT OBAMA.
The party of "NO" that has bowed down to one man, Grover Norquist....their GOD and not the true GOD of all people. Pray for our Nation that the party of "NO" will open their eyes and understand that by holding the majority in this Nation hostage for the top 2% to continue to stuff their pockets with money is a sin.

Amy Cramer, leader of the T-Party express on C-Span right now just stated that Americans are fed up with the Republican Party and that is why the T-Party was born.

One would expect nothing more from POV than a continuation of pre-election ultra-conservative rhetoric...but President Obama is the president of ALL Americans, and to continue to preach division, obstructionism, fearmongering, and redneck sentiment is NOT going to inspire mean & hate-filled closed-minded folks like POV to adopt the mind-set that we're all in this with those who don't think or look like you, or we all fall...I wish POV would shut up or change the tune!

The House will offer plans, the Senate will slam the door shut, and the House will get the blame for not compromising. Obama will continue to say he'll compromise so long as the House gives him everything and they get nothing.

What changed? Republicans found out America ALWAYS WAS a nation of immigrants producing a strong democratic nation and old white guys don't call the shots anymore.

What changed? Karl Rove spent $400 million of Corporatehood Freespeech-With-No-Accountability money to get 2 Republicans nationwide elected. Proves Republicans are STILL bad at math and budgets.

What changed? Obama is ending the 2 GOP wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, and now the GOP can fight a civil war against the Tea Party. Fight on!

Glad to have another voice of reason, along with Don, who has brain power, can discern truth from lies, and isn't afraid to take on the redneck teavangelical ultra-conservative right-of-right every chance he/she gets...we've got a long 4-year run at challenging these repubs as they continue to obstruct progress, try to deny 47%ers our voice, and talk so much trash about the President of the United States, the leader of ALL Americans and our voice in the world community.

to quote a commentator" We had an election yesterday & Santa WON".
I agree.

Well said.

Are you ashamed to admit that you are talking about Rush Limpbomb? No wonder you are so ignorant, he must be your GOD!!

rushbo is your god, your information source, the one who does your thinking for you because you are incapable of thinking for listen to a puffed-up clown, take in his every lie and, much to at least my dismay, you "share" the gutter lies with not only folks on this site, but probably with family, friends (I would presume you only associate with redneck racists who agree with you), neighbors, cows in the field, and anyone within 100 feet of you. YOU LOST...SO...GET OVER IT!

It was because of people like sparrowgt that the obstructionist teavangelical repub members of the House were able to stonewall every single proposal that would have moved this country forward...if it wasn't for those clowns, there would have been a jobs act that would have put millions to work on US infrastructure, wages would have been spent on goods and services, and our economy would have recovered. People like willard, who outsource US jobs, would have killed this country in 4 years!

I only hope there is something left after the morans in whasington get to the next election.My grandkids will just love me for leaving them 16 to 20 trillion dollar dedt.

What a bloody cynic you are Neal - If Boener makes good on his promise to compromise, (Unlikely) I am looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.
Obama is a good man - wether you admit it or not.
People in Tyler (Academy) were busy buying ammo - one said, "There's gonna be a war."We have a leader - won popular vote/and electoral vote.

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