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POSTED: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 7:06pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 11:10am

Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano has been telling us the sky is falling, literally.

She says things are already bad at our nations largest airports since the sequester kicked in on Friday.

Reports I have read state airports have told media they have not seen
any noticeable problems.

Even here in east Texas emails have been flying from the administration to local news outlets saying towers at Longview and Tyler will close down and there will be no air traffic controllers.

That means no one will fly.



A spokesperson from the city of Tyler tell us the airport will operate as normal and if needed air traffic control from other places will hand the

Same thing for Longview.

Beside police and fire employees the feds have trotted out the air traffic controllers as a bargaining chip.

The always happens when there is a budget showdown.

I've said before most of the local cops and firemen are paid ,locally.

That leaves us to air traffic control.

Did you know a while back when Canada was in a pinch they privatized air traffic controllers.

It's worked great.

Now it's the envy of the aviation world.

Now, the company which works in Canada is doing the same thing at other airports around the world.

And speaking of around the world.

Other big cities are privatizing their airports.

The seems to be running better.

But, I think the air traffic controllers being privatized would be great.

Of course it would take a chip off the table for politicians when they
want to pound their chests.

That's my point of view what's yours?

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The sky hasn't fallen yet, but then the budget hasn't been reduced by half yet ether. What comes out of this administration is not something I'd take to the bank. Transparent? F&F? , Benghazi? etc...
"It wont add a dime to the debt."

Obama: doom and gloom!, doom and gloom!, a coming apocolypse, total collapse of America, ..., but it won't be as bad as SOME politicians say. Maxine Waters, 170 million Americans will loose their jobs, then someone must have whispered to her there are only about 150 million workers because then Pelosi whispers 750,000, then Waters chimes in 170,000. They don't know or care so long as it sounds horrific. Their biggest fear?, tragedy won't strike afflicting mostly the poor and elderly

Katie007, I'm pretty sure I saw an actual communist in downtown Tyler yesterday at noon. He was wearing a red shirt and he blinked at me twice. We all know that's the sign for international takeover. You can see if for yourself if you ever dare drive north of the loop.

If this reporter believes there will be no ramifications of the sequester, he is WRONG. I, for one, would rather have an air traffic controller who was actually IN Tyler eyeballing the traffic as well as using computer instruments to land the planes. This reporter thinks it's fine if the air traffic controllers from Dallas and Houston land the plane over open radio. As far as lines in airports, I doubt that this reporter or anyone in the Tea Party will actually go anywhere. They don't travel

The reason he has his useful idiots out there telling the American people lies is to discredit the Republicans so that the electorate will vote them out of office. THEN he will have total control and will accelerate his communist agenda. This is why he cares not one thing about the budget. This ought to scare Americans, but I doubt it. Thier country is unraveling before their eyes and I am unsure that they see it.. They better wise up and fast.

At one time I would have agreed the communist was a term to describe POTUS. However, he's acting more like a late 19th early 20th century European aristocrat. Enjoying lavish parties and multiple vacations on our tab, and not willing to sacrifice them for the poor and elderly. Yet he threatens the poor and elderly with stavation and eviction if we, the working class, don't fork over more money. does it feel to be a charter member of the tea party "useful idiot's" club, katie? You flail around the word "communist" every chance you get when referencing the POTUS, but it would seem that folks that chatter as you do would like to follow a well-known and hated despot from the know the one...wanted a "pure" race, one religion, all who don't conform, eradicated or sent you wear that hat proudly? Would you feel more at home in 1940's Germany, katie?

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