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What Memorial Day is all about

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POSTED: Monday, May 27, 2013 - 3:58pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 6:03pm

Yes, I must admit, I've been one of those people on Facebook and social media reminding folks this day is not about bar-be-que or whatever it is you did.

It's good to spend time with the family and relax a little , but this day is not about you.

It's about them.


The people who died to give us our freedom.

In my never ending quest I am always trying to differentiate the difference between Veteran's Day and Memorial Day.

The only way I have made myself clear in this newsroom is to say Memorial Day is about dead people.

This always gets me some frowns, but it is.

I guess we have become so selfish we don't want to know why we really observe this day.

I am glad to see after years, our nation is starting to recognize our nation's vets.

I do like to hear, "Thank you for your service," to soldiers who have served.

Maybe our country is just trying to make it up to service members after the way some treated Vietnam vets when they came home.

But, today is about the dead.

But, the other 364 days a year, let's thank those who serve.

When I was at church yesterday, a few members were coming up to us congregants with plastic bowls filled with Army men.

My first inclination was to say, "No, thank you, those things stick in my pants."

I was told that was the idea.

After I was educated, I gladly took this little Army man right here.

And I will carry it in my pants pocket.

The idea, this next year every time, I reach down for change or my keys, my hand will come in contact with this little plastic soldier.

It will remind me of our sons and daughters in the service and those who are in harm's way.

When I am reminded by that little soldier, I'll think of service members.

And when I can. i'll offer up a quick prayer for their safety.

What a great idea.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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The best way to honor those who have served and died for our freedom is to fight for it. Get involved. Go to your parties caucus, after the polls close in the next election. Volunteer to be a delegate or alternate delegate in your parties county convention, or the state convention. Help shape the political agenda of your party.
The last Republican caucus I went to in my district had 4 people in attendance! Get off your chair and do something! Flags and speeches are cheap and meaningless.

Then, after all of that the media will decide our candidate, like with Jihad Johnny McCain or Mittens.

I am not sure what Ms. Jackson is talking about. 1. The government has not forced us to buy health insurance (Obamacare). It is slated to start in 2014 upon court approval. We are already forced to buy healthcare. It is called medicare and Medicaid. 2. The NDAA is about spending on National Security and do not remember seeing a battlefield on my front step. 3. We do not allow the government to censor anything, you may be talking about FISA. 4. No one intimidates me when I protest. I remember....

Yours is an argument of semantics..Yes, if you don't buy health insurance the gov. will tax you, under NDAA you can be arrested and held indefinitely, and if you don't know that media is censored and phones are tapped without a search warrant, then you're more than just from out of town.

Remembering the fallen is only half of Memorial day's meaning, the other half is remembering why they fell. Do we remember when government forces us to buy health insurance, regardless of our health. Do we remember when we step out of our front door onto a battlefield under the NDAA law. Do we remember when we allow the government to censor our phone calls, internet, and media. Do we remember our fallen soldiers when Homeland Security intimidates protesrors of IRS abuse. Do we really remember ?

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