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What really may be the problem!


POSTED: Monday, December 17, 2012 - 7:56pm

UPDATED: Monday, January 14, 2013 - 11:21am

The first part of what I'm about to say came from a guy on Facebook this past weekend.

I don't even know the guy, but he summed up how I felt about Friday's horror.

And I paraphrase, "people look for some kind of fix-all solution whether it be gun control or mental illness treatment. I'm reminded by a quote from Barbara Bush who said  'your success as a family, our success as a society depends not on what happens at the White House, but what happens inside your house."

For most of my life, I've seen us take God or any morality of out the school and substitute it with so called "reason." If it feels good do it was the cry back in the 70s. We did it and now look.

I've seen Hollywood mock family values and what so many of us used to stand for. A lot of good people didn't want to be made fun of or called out, so they shut their mouths and took it.

You look at the violence in games and on the screen and TV and we have been desensitized.

But now, when the mess we've made is coming back to haunt us, what do our leaders do? They once again stand up
like kids wanting to ask a question in class and want to ban guns or have hearings or just be seen.

What happened Friday is just not a gun issue. This is a heart issue.

And until we change that, we'll see much more of what we've seen the past few days.

That's my point, of view what's yours?

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A BUSHMASTER IN THE HANDS OF A DERRANGED MISERABLE EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING JUST KILLED TWO NEW YORK VOLUNTEER FIREMEN AND WOUNDED 3 OTHERS...the blood of these men is on the hands of anyone who condones the use of high-powered assault killing machines with multi-round clips in either civilian or mentally ill nands. Pray to God that your death-grip on the 2nd amendment doesn't do this country in! You militant slobs make me sick...address the AR and mental health issue before we're all killed!!

We as a Society are the blame! How many families or individuals seek help, and are turned away because they have no insurance or money? Or our laws prevent someone from seeking help for a family member? How many of our children are left at home alone with nothing but a TV, GAME CONSOLE, INTERNET, OR A STRANGER to raise them? How many people choose to say nothing when they are witness to odd behavior? "NOT MY PROBLEM, I'M NOT GETTING INVOLVED" We choose to take the burden off our shoulder!

Pathetic that we live in a nation whose government uses national media to decide our national conversation always towards the loss of freedoms.What good is our freedom if the actions of a lunatic can take it away. The government through their media propaganda is relentless in the design to disarm the American citizen.

chuck again...freedom to own guns by lawful and sane people is not the issue...the gun used in Newtown was a Bushmaster .223, an assault weapon that should be left to the military and never in the hands of anyone in the general public...I only wish there were more than a handful of people in ET who would stand up to the chucks who think they speak for everyone about a personality type who needs mental health assistance? How about starting with the chucks of ET!!

The blame belongs on Federal and State Legislators who cut funding for mental health and education but funded tax dollars going to corporations and pet projects like we did in 1 race track $280 million, Enterprise Fund $485 million and on and on.

It is called "secular humanism". Obama and the rest of the lawyer/politicians will use this horrible event, as sad and tragic as it is, to gain control of "We the people...." "Those that would give up liberty for security,deserve neither." Ben Franklin

I think you bad mouthed that very Ben Franklin quote while defending George Bush upon passage the Republicans Patriot Act and the signature of goood ole GWB.

If Franklin were active in current politics, The Dems would label him an out of touch, TEA-vagelical, right wing bigotted loon. And those are the nice things they'd say about him. Before you go of half-cocked, there are Republicans (psuedo-Democrats) that would say those things about him too,

No they would notjp, Franklin was not the type to force his religion upon everyone and would be the first to tell theTEA-vagelicalPublicans that America is NOT a Christian Nation but a nation for all religions and those who believe in no religion at all.

Well stated Neal

We can't legislate the reduction of evil any more than we can legislate love and respect for our fellow man. Those that think we can are fooling them selves.

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