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What to do about China?


POSTED: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 8:21pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 1:01pm

Hey, what a surprise.

The Chinese have been up to sabotage and trying to hack into our country's business computers and military's computers.

You know the Chinese. The folks who are carrying a great amount of our debt. The group conducting the hacking is in Shanghai.

A security company in the U.S. released a detailed 60-page report (PDF) Tuesday claiming its "research and observations indicate that the Communist Party of China is tasking the Chinese People's Liberation Army to commit systematic cyber espionage and data theft against organizations around the world."

The report says the U.S. security company tracked thousands of computer attacks on U.S. companies and organizations, starting in 2006 and rapidly increasing right into this year, from one specific neighborhood in Shanghai. Mandiant found that a vast majority of the attacks were coming from one group of hackers, dubbed by the company "Advanced Persistent Threat 1″, or APT1.

Of course the Chinese vehemently denied they did anything.

Now, the questions is what to do since our economy depends on them.

I'll tell you what the answer will be, nothing.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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This is a" tempest in a teapot'.
We have encryption upon encryption.

Apparently each Country steals from each other as far as their technology allows them .

We do plenty.
Stories like this make me wonder what other stories they hid to allow this type of thing to front & center.
This admin. is too tricky to not be hiding something here.

Why don't you ask Ted Cruz about it? He consistently represented the Chinese when he was in private practice.

"....A security company in the U.S. released a detailed 60-page report (PDF) Tuesday claiming its "research..." The propaganda man leaves out two important facts from his "spiel". [1] What would you expect from a security company but for a report to justify their hire [2] Chineese are no more guilty than the US. But let it be the Israeli's (as has been proved many times) and media is quiet on the matter.

I say we file chapter 11 bankruptcy, repeal NAFTA, close our borders and tell China to stick it. Start making our own products again, growing our own food again, put Americans back to work & send illegals packing again, and most importantly start taking care of Americans first and quit minding other countries business and putting them first, that's why our politicians are getting filthy rich, not because of their overpaid salaries. Our government is our worst enemy.

China holds too much of our debt. Remember we had to borrow billions and billions from them for two unfunded wars.

"My ardent desire ... to keep the United States free from political connections with every other country, to see them independent of all and under the influence of none." ~ George Washington in a Letter to
Patrick Henry

We are too sophisticated for this logic. We used to be a beacon to the world. "How the mighty have fallen." He who has the gold, makes the rules.

Just hack enough of their computers that oversee their food production. Screw that up that will be the end of Communist China. The riots would bring them down.

See being communist they use central planning. 5 year plans kind of thing. Just throw a monkey wrench in them and that will do it.

This is old news Neal, there were stories about this whils Bush was President.

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