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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm
Neal Barton's POV

Where do you stand?


POSTED: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 7:15pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - 11:17am

If you don't know by now, most of of the national media runs to the left, you're really not being honest with yourself.

Here now, another case and point.

Bad weather was supposed to have affected Tampa for the Republican Convention.

It never happened, but the political boss for the NBC network says the entire convention was plagued by the memory of Katrina and Bush.


I'll bet you money no one there was even thinking that.

Juan Williams from the Fox News network called Ann Romney a corporate wife last night. No one on that panel could really understand what he was talking about. When he was asked to rebut, he did a lousy job.

Was Teresa Hines Kerry a corporate wife? I mean, she owns a corporation.

A long time ago, George Bush was rightfully criticized when he flew Air Force One over New Orleans after it was decimated by a hurricane.

I remember being in the newsroom here at KETK and saying out loud, he'll live to regret that.

But another hurricane is tearing apart south Louisiana right now.

The president is campaigning.

You hear that? Nothing.

The national media is saying nothing. And the day the head of Yahoo News, which is affiliated with ABC News, was fired after being caught on tape saying the Romneys were laughing and smiling last night because they are happy when black people drown.

The line if getting drawn. TV news is going to opinion.

Most of the national media has made it clear where they stand.

And I know where I stand.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Most of the media is very selective and bias. When "reporting the story" they are really reporting a select few facts with a personal opinion spin. I've never heard so much opinion in major stories! I'm smart enough to take the facts and draw my own conclusions! I don't appreciate the media clouded the facts to sway public opinion for their cause of the day! POV forums are the ONLY place for personal opinions!

I'm not concerned about Mitt Romney's comment. It is truth that 47% plus Americans draw some kind of support from the government. Probably more than that.

I'm concerned about President Obama over an open mic whispering to the Russian President to "Tell Putin I can be more flexible after the election." Treason? Sounds like it.

Romney says Russia is a threat. He understands Putin, old nuclear weapons for sale and Russia's support for Iran. We need a president with understanding.

Good job Mr. Barton, you tell it like it is the left can not debate this point or any come to think about it because the demorats Marxist policies are a failure. The three stooges(Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Husein Obama) are true anti-American with failed policies they can not run on their records because they are...failures. Thank you again Neal for telling the truth and not drinking the media's leftist union juice.

Yep, we know where you stand Neal. We saw KETK ignore Ron Paul just like all the other lame-stream media. If you or your station support Romney then you can hardly call yourself conservative, and putting republican next to the name doesn't make it so. Go back to selling soap it's really what you do best.

The Constitution provides for a two (2) party system. If you wish to be President of the US then choose your party and run on their ticket. Mr Paul chose the Libertarian Party whichis insignificant in its national scope. Even so, he recieved a minority of Presidential Votes during the Primaries. He has had his 15 Min. of FAME. He should now choose which candidate he believes will most likely listen to his ideas and support that candidate. D. McKenzie

I agree with you about Ron Paul but I don't think the constitution says anything about political parties. George Washington was very much against a party system.


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