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Neal Barton's POV

Where there's smoke...

Where there's smoke...

POSTED: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 9:28pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - 4:37am

This morning this almost got by me in the newsroom...

The Texas House wants to pass a law that says you can't smoke in private restaurants. At first I thought okay because I don't like cigarette smoke. I guess that's because I don't smoke.

Then it hit me. Private restaurants?

If Joe Blow wanted to build or start his own place to eat and he wanted to make it for smokers, or anybody who could tolerate smoking, why not?

Before long, the government will start trying to tell you what you can serve at your own restaurant. Wait a minute. They are trying to do that right now as well.

The funny part is this bill they are trying to pass as law is coming from the Texas House which is mainly Republican.Republicans usually want government out of our lives.

So, does this mean if a powerful lawmaker is annoyed by the color blue, maybe one day the color shouldn't show up in a private restaurant.

I was raised by the WW2 generation. After they saved the world, they came home and wanted to be left alone and live their life. As their kids, we played till dark, drank out of the garden hose and climbed trees.

It's the baby boom generation that I am a part of that now a days- if you'll let them- will try and tell you what to do from the moment you get up from the moment you go to bed.

Would I go to a place to eat with cigarette wafting in the air.No. But if someone wants to build one and others want to eat there, isn't that the American way?

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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If we allow lawmakers to pass laws for the sake of health costs then, what law do we pass on unwed teen mothers when they dump an illigitimate kid(s) on society?

Private should mean just that; and anyone who chooses to be part of that and desire to smoke or be around smoke should be able to choose to do so!!!
Too much nanny state will snuff out Liberty!!!!

Comparing smoking to the color blue is a bit stupid. The color blue doesn't hurt anyone. Truth is that every state that bans smoking ends up saving millions in medicaid/medicare costs in the long run--The correlation is there anyway.

Share the air folks.

When do we pass a ban on young women who's lifestyle propagate STD's in our community, or the motorcycle driver who is 4 times more likely to be injured when in an accident, or the athelete who is more likely to develop degenerative joint disease in old age? Government has no place legislating lifestyle on the precursor of saving healthcare dollars because government's role was never intended to be an insurance company. Government is supposed to guarntee our personal liberties.

Know how much alcohol costs us? Between all of the medical problems, the fights and domestic issues involving alcohol, not to mention the costs of drunken driving, alcohol is costing Americans. Are you going to ban alcohol next? We've already tried that, remember? Remember what it led to? Organized crime and mobs. There is a point where the govenment needs to butt out of people lives. Yes, we need to stop DUIs, but we can't stop everyone from drinking just because it's expensive. Tobacco, too!

If they out law smoking, then how will politicians be able to blow smoke up our ???? Then claim we need to keep them in power to put out all the fires they start to keep the people from seeing the truth.

That's just the first step. Then it bans smoking in public parks and beaches like California. Next it outright bans smoking in entire cities like California and even in your own vehicle. Let businesses decide if they want to ban smoking, and if they don't, require them to ensure a smoke-free area by using enough smoke-eaters to remove ALL the smoke. I can't stand smelling smoke when I sit down with my family, so if there is not enough ventilation, we won't go back to that restaurant. Free Market

Thats been my POV. I don't smoke, can't breath around it. But if a person wishes to have an eatery that allows or totally bans smoking, it's their choice. This is an example of why Rep.s were abandoned by the right in '06 and one of the reasons the TEA party came to be.

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