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Who was right about Russia?


POSTED: Friday, March 7, 2014 - 8:24pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 1:37pm

"Gov Romney. I'm glad that you accept al Qaeda is a threat, because ten months ago when you were asked what the biggest geopolitical threat was facing America, you said it was Russia. Not al Qaeda....Russia. The 1980s are now calling and they want their foreign policy back," said President Obama.

From the liberal publication Slate, and I can not believe they are saying this.

They say to peer into the conservative media and blogosphere as it covers Russa's invasion of Crimea is to risk a fatal dose of schadenfreude. That's taking delight in someone else's misfortune.

There are reports about how Sarah Palin totally called that Putin would invade Ukraine (she will be on Fox News tonight to remind us), about how Mitt Romney was unfairly mocked for calling Russia the greatest "geopolitical threat" to the United States, about Hillary Clinton's "reset button" gaffe. Even the Liberal New Republic (tm) has admitted that Mitt Romney was right about the Russians and their ambitions.

Romney was right. Why was Obama wrong? Because, I think, he was willfully blurring the distinction between "geopolitical" and other sorts of threats. He was playing to the cheap seats.

Voters do not fear Russia, or particularly care about its movements in its sad, cold sphere of influence. They do care a lot about terrorism. And Obama would use any chance he had, in 2012, to remind voters that he was president when Osama Bin Laden was killed.

That is Slate's and my point of view what's yours?

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News flash... Putin's forces are massing on the Ukraine border.

Obama is going on TV to give Putin a 'stern warning' while Kerry draws a 'red line' (this way Obama can say he never made a red line.)

Hope for change in 2014. Need a Republican Congress to balance this out-of-control president.

It is not just the Crimea or Ukraine. It's the lack of leadership of a president of the U.S.

His weakness will lead to more and more such takeovers by Russia and China. India, Pakistan, Japan, Philippines, and other countries will be pulled into it.

And those takeovers will one day lead to a WORLD WAR.

All because of the weakness in the leader of the most powerful country in the world (like it or not.)

What is more China has many territorial disputes with India, Japan, and Philippines as well as Vietnam. You are witnessing a power vacuum caused by Obama. Red China will see how well Putin does and then decide to just take 1/2 of the China Sea as theirs (which is part of their claim now.) Same for North Korea and Iran. They see Obama's weakness to do anything and they will take advantage of it.

Things like that spin out of control and bring about real WARS. WORLD WARS.

Hope for change in 2014.


It's not about making war. We have the NSA reading our emails, tapping our phones, spying on anyone and everyone they can but.. it seems nobody read Putin's plans (except Palin and Romney.)

We could have easily have helped those wanting a democratic government in the Crimea, and the Ukraine as a whole BEFORE this happened.

What happened was Obama had that 3 AM call again and just slept through it. Like Benghazi he just didn't have the moxie or foresight to give the 'go' in any way.

Remember Deaf, all wars are about it, not religion as media would tell you. Right now this nation is embroiled trying to protect it's dollar's value from a world that see's our debt as being in default. Together with the EU, our central bank (the Federal reserve) attempts to dominate the world economy by looting the wealth of other nations hence, Iraq, Libya, with threats to Venezuela, Iran, Egypt. yria is a block of nat. gas from Saui and newly discovered Israel Palestine) nat gas.

Deaf, you and Ti both sound like you yearn for the smell of napom in the morning. There isn't much we can do militarily which is why I think it's despicable of Republican (or any American) to dish the pres for not seeking a greater military response, making political campaign hay out of a bad situation. The best bullet we have is LNG exports and current price structure won't allow for that. I suspect Nat gas prices will rise and we the consumer will pay for the failed coup d' tat.

News flash. Crimea residents being forced to turn in their Ukrainian passports to the Russians.

They are now all serfs of Putin's version of the USSR.

Idiot... the Crimea is LOST. Gone. And so in time will be the Ukraine.

Poland is not an issue. Obama might as well sent jets to Florida to send a message.

When I use the name Reagan, I don't actually mean Ronald Reagan "called" the plays. The CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) a New York think tank headed by top industrial entities in conjunction with the CIA et al conceive the plays and instigate their action. The Pres. is merely the "frontman" to the American people. You don't really believe the Jr. Senator from Ill. /community organizer has his finger on the bomb, do you? Don't forget that all is contingent to the preservation of the US dollar

Snyderpal ,

No, it was Starwars that broke Russia. They could not pay for it and it ran them out of money.

Deaf, "Starwars" was media hype/propaganda. The trifecta which brought down Russia was; 1) Labor, Lech Walesa in the "Solidarity" movement which organized strikes and crippled industry, 2) Catholic church, which through Pope Paul's lead circumvented Russian media 3) Saudi/ oil market flooded and oil fell to $9.00/Bbl. which destroyed Russia's chief export. In the US we are told Starwars type stories to keep the populous ignorant of our subversive activities, akin to "spreading democracy".

You ALL know that it was Ronald Reagan who bankrupted Russia in 1987, right ? He made a deal with the Saudi's to flood the market with oil and that, as Russia's chief export, broke them. It broke us in Texas too, but that's another story. And then it was Ukrainian molotov throwing protesters or more of that {Operation Ajax} used by the US to topple foreign governments - remember that was before the Russians Crimean move. Who knew first; the Council of Foreign Relations, the Globalist.

Uh idiot, 'decisively positioned jets to Poland & a destroyer to the Black Sea', but Putin ain't invading Poland, it's the Ukraine. And Putin won't leave. Everyone knows he will cut off gas to most of Europe if they dare side with the U.S. So they won't.

But pray tell how can you be so 'decisive' but still say 'No sense going to war though?' See if you won't go to war, and Putin knows it, how can it be decisive?

Hope for change in 2014. Make Dems the minority party.

I am 65+ year old & so ashamed of the hatred the majority of posters on ketk sites all hate absolutely everything..except guns, your own brand of holier-than-thou religion, control over women's bodies, envying the rich, running the poor into the ground, turning a deaf ear & blind eye to families in distress, bad-mouthing anything that doesn't look/smell/walk/talk/believe as you do...NO ONE can hate like a small-minded big-mouthed Texan! Democrats, TIME TO RISE UP IN 2014-16!

I hate reading your constant complaints about anyone who doesn't believe as you do.Funny how people like you call everyone else haters and you are the biggest hater in here.

Katie, you have a memory that spans possibly 2 seconds...remember ol' bush and his months each year at the ranch? His vacations were, in recent years, longer and more frequent than any other get your facts straight. Also, any president who is away from the White House has up to the second communication capabilities as if he was sitting in the oval office. Because you're ultra-conservative and hate this president (his color, by chance?), doesn't give you the license to lie.

OH BOY...Pete pulls his race card out again..which explains a lot about him.

Townidiot ... Katie is a white bible thumper.

Pathetic how Obama's NSA spies on us but could not even predict Putin would invade the Crimea despite everyone on the right saying that would happen.

Hope for change in 2014. Let the Republicans drive the bus for a while cause Mr. Slurppie sure isn't capable of it.

Putin "secured" Crimea AFTER civil unrest forced the topple of the Ukrainian government. "WE" were behind the civil unrest, just as we are behind Syria's Rebels. Realize that all of this is about Nat. gas and the Russian supply of energy to Europe by Gazprom, the worlds largest nat. gas company. In Syria, a civil war is hoped to prevent Gazprom from building a pipeline from Iran to the Mediterranean. Russia has supported Syria, we on't like the outcome so we topple the Ukrainian government.

@ Townidiot -Putz

I think Russia, China, North Korea, and Pakistan are the biggest threats to long term peace. All of them have nuclear weapons and are fanatical enough to use them. Obama could place patriot missiles in Poland and other NATO countries. It certainly got the Russians attention the last time it was discussed.

You left out Syria, Iran, and Venezuela to have a perfect score on your media propaganda test.

I left them out because I don't consider them to be as big a threat! Russia and China have murdered about 160 million of their own people. Pakistan and India have a long history of conflict over the Kashmir region. And Pakistan is where were told Osama was hiding. 2 blocks from a major military academy. And there are still 35,000 troops on the DMZ in Korea. There are still incidents occurring regularly. The American Free Press, Reuters, and the BBC seem to be pretty good sources of world news.

Obama and wife and VP are now on vacation. If this had been a Republican the liberal media would have had a field day. Doesn't matter at this point who was right. Putin has seized his opportunity and I predict he will not blink. Obama and company will stay on vacation. If this doesn't tell you what the Obama's truly think of America, nothing will.

If the powers that be had listened to Winston Churchill about Russia, we would not be having this conversation.

They did have a field day. Remember on 9/11 when Bush didn't run out of that class room in a panic and then didn't fly into DC and what was perceived as possible harm? The media and Dems screamed for weeks about how he didn't care.

A different Russia in Churchill's day Katie. Under Joe Stalin and later Nikita Khrushchev, Russia was a Communist nation. After the fall of the Soviet Union, ( US caused bankruptcy) the Russian Council of Ministers had become the main executive body. At some points it contained over 69 state committees, 16–17 ministers, 5 federal services, and over 46 governmental agencies. The US is by far a more fascist state nowadays.

And what does Obama do, get gets in front of TV, with a kiddie rug and kids paintings behind him, and tries to lecture Putin. all the while Putin is consolidating his hold on the Crimea.

Then, the next day, at a rally, Obama misspells RESPECT out loud.

You know they tell folks that its better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Obama has removed all doubt.

Right now Putin is laughing his head off at what he sees as Obama's weakness.

Crimea first, Ukraine second.

How pathetic it is for the NSA to spy on our emails yet they can't even make the call Romney and Palin did years ago.

Hope for change in 2014. Either we stop this rot or we all go down the drain. Vote out the Democrats. It's as start!


Why was Obama wrong? Because he had no answers to Russia's aggression, so he wanted to focus on his one and only success saying Bin Laden and Al-Qada were dead. But then he was wrong about Al-Qada too.

Should Texas Natl. Guard secure it's borer with Mexico would you call that aggression also ? The Media might but I wouldn't. Then the media and our Federal Government can't find what is illegal about illegal immigration.

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