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Who won the war on poverty? The federal government


POSTED: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - 5:48pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 2:20pm

The war on poverty turns 50-years-old Wednesday.

This was was declared by President Johnson when I was just a child in 1964 and I heard about it almost every day of my life growing up.

Even as a kid, I may have not known what the war was, but I knew there was one because you heard it on every national newscast.

Back then, the Vietnam War was raging, but it ended. The war on poverty is still being fought, and like the Vietnam War, I think our goals were too nebulous and a satisfactory ending will never be reached.

I've heard we are spending $15-trillion to fight the war on poverty. 15 percent of Americans are living in poverty and that's right about where it was most of the time.The numbers fluctuated a little, but not much.

LBJ's goal, at least what we were told, was to give people a better chance to escape poverty and let people work their way out.

Instead, we started expanding government like no one's business and we still are. We have "the department of this," and "the department of that," and are spending money like sailors on leave. Liberals still say we didn't spend enough. But, it's quite obvious to me, no amount of spending will ever be enough.

Instead of extending the hand we are all told we were obliged to do, we' ve just made more and more people addicted to the federal government. It seems to me when it comes to the war on poverty, instead of creating a ladder, we've created a bigger dependence on government.

You know who won the war on poverty? That would be the federal government.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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It's amazing how everyone, especially the left, wants to blame poverty on everyone but the poor. With little exception, the poor are to blame for poverty. They, me included, won't do what it takes to succeed. Don't get me wrong, gov't and corp. greed are contributing factors. But he are far from the main cause.

Just because you have a budget dose not mean you can beat the fact of not enough money to pay bills or have enough food each month. There are a lot of people who really need the help with unemployment, food stamps, rent help all of it. I do admit there are some who are taking advantage of these programs. I agree some kind of check or program needs to be put in place to stop this. For us who are in poverty on unemployment and food stamps are the ones losing

Here is what I see our goverement spending money's on stuff like climate control problems in other country's in the billions I am sure there other stupid programs they are spending moneys on that they could be useing right here, just think if they put that money to good use here what a change there would be for poverty and low income people. I have lived in poverty all my life and I know what it is like to try and figure out what bills I can pay each month as well what I am going to eat.

Churches? Huh?

Ever see PATH? Ever see Society of St. Vincent de Paul (Catholic)? Ever see Salvation Army? Ever hear of Good Samaritan Outreach Center (Baptist)?

Churches to a heck of alot. Government taxes do little except breed parasites.

But then government by definition is a parasite.

Where is the church? The reason we have poverty and people without healthcare is because my fellow Baptist, and Catholics in East Texas sit on their pews and do nothing about it. It was never the job of the federal government to solve all our woes. The 300 + church's in the Tyler area simply won't cooperate to get it done, so the government stepped in and did it. Please declare a war on paychecks! Then we're bound to have more of them.

Johnson was the start of a new wave of liberalism.

The 'Great Society' as a huge departure and created the welfare state were people learned you could simply not work, breed, and the government would pay you. It was also the start of the disintegration of the family unit.

And that disintegration led to fatherless children with no guidance, massive gangs of youths, illegitimacy, and school house shootings, etc..

Hope for change in 2014. Lots of Democrats up for re-election!

Democrats were in charge at the start of WW1 (Woodrow Wilson), WW2 (Roosevelt), Korea (Truman), Vietnam(Kennedy), and yea, Johnson's 'poverty'.

Except for winning WW2 we just ain't won a one of them. And yes, winning does mean to succeed, to WIN. Usually goals are made like WW2's 'Unconditional Surrender'. But politicians tend to move the goalpost as things bog down.

Take Obamacare, success is illusive. Even the definition of the website as being successful has been moved.

Sad isn't it.

The headline is accurate. Who won, the fed gov't. Who lost? The poor, especially among the black community, and the lower and middle class tax payers.

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