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Who's running the store?


POSTED: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 7:24pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 11:25pm

Many a time I have heard a Baptist preacher say I was going to preach on this title, but at the last minute, I felt led to
preach on another.

That's what happened with this topic today.

I was outraged that even before the sequester deal came to a head on Friday, the Immigration Department released a bunch
of detainees earlier this week.

The government was making the case that the mean Republicans would not go along with the across the board cut that the Dems came up with and decided to go ahead and turn loose a bunch of people who were only described as criminals, but hardened criminals.

This news broke today at 11:20 a.m. The White House and Department of Homeland Security says they had nothing to do with the release.

They said ICE did it on their own.

Excuse me ? Just what in the heck is going on here?

I think they knew. If this is the case, they are liars.

If they did not know this and the detainees were cut loose. They ARE IDIOTS.


And look at this, Bob Woodward, a darling of the far left, has come out and said the administration is displaying a form of madness.

He said this today on left-wing MSNBC.

" The Defense Department said in early February that it would not deploy the U.S.S.. Harry Truman to the Persian Gulf, citing budget concerns relating to the looming cuts known as the sequester. Under the Constitution, the President is commander-in-chief and employs the force. And so we now have the President going out because of this piece of paper and this agreement. 'I can't do what I need to do to protect the country,'"

What is going on?

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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The sequester has happened, but not because the Republicans have "grown a backbone". It's because the Republicans don't have a brain. They are goose-stepping down Pennsylvania avenue behind Grover Norquist and Rush Limbaugh because someone told them to do it. Congress has to present the budget to the president. Pres. Obama can't write it himelf. The last President I saw circumventing Congress and mocking the Supreme Court and the entire judiciary was George W. Bush.

How silly you ignorant types are, falling for the propaganda of party divide. You're the kind that wake-up with jack-boots on your doorstep and you never knew your ignorance put them there. You believe in the conversation created by media, and lack the intellect to question , much less stop, what the governemnet is doing in secret to change our future. Why breathe air if you only serve as proof that freedom is too great a responsibility for you to handle? Forget the media, learn to think.

No one is minding the store. They are so busy in the WH on vacation plans at our expense.

This reporter demonstrates a total lack of understanding of how the federal budget works.
They are not releasing ICE holds as some kind of publicity stunts. The agency has run out of money.
This is due to the lack of a federal budget, and the funding under the continuing resolution instead of a budget. The money under the CR is less than was set for the regular budget. Therefore, many agencies have run out of funds ahead of the sequester. My point of view is that this reporter is clueless.

Neal wouldn't have an column if he didn't hear it from Limbaugh first. The real issues of the day are not covered by government media, KETK perpetuates the "Uninformed" status of the sheeple with "nothing new news" made relevent only to present the false impression of a democracy in action. Opaque is the line between parties, all being of "The Oligarch". Kerry's promise to openly enter Syria's civil war is far more significant, of greater economic impact, and directly effects the lives of Americ

Obama is setting himself up as Emperor of the U.S. The Republicans must grow a backbone and let the Obama Sequester happen. I want to see Obama impeached. Enough already with his circumventing Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court. The very idea of allowing the American people go unprotected and to engage in blackmail is impeachable.

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