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Yep, it's gun control


POSTED: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 8:59pm

UPDATED: Saturday, February 9, 2013 - 8:46pm

If you don't think there is a move afoot to get your guns, you need to go back to sleep or you agree one-hundred percent with the gun grab.

Now some states out west like California and Colorado are kicking around the idea of making gun owners take out liability insurance.

Please know this is a Hail Mary from the extreme left because they realize they are starting to lose public opinion on the gun issue. This could also mean if you make firearms the last place you'd sell them is in the states requiring the insurance.

They don't need that hassle. What they are trying to do is price gun owners out of business.

Also, I am sure Adam Lanza, who shot up the school in Connecticut, would not have dropped by State Farm to take out a policy. Or signed up for a policy the NRA offers now.

Of course it doesn't bother them at all to make honest people who are gun-owners to buy insurance to exercise a constitutional right.

It's ridiculous anti-gunners say the Second Amendment is an old law which no longer applies. If that's true, the same thing can be said about the First Amendment which guarantees your right to speak against anything.

You start unwinding these core rights. The entire house of cars falls down.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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When did criminals start obeying the law?

We should query the Mob, Gang Bangers, and assorted wacko's on how that would affect their operations and employment opportunities. I'm sure their very concerned about this.

This is about tyranny. Read about this in the history books, or I guess they don't teach that subject in school any longer. The only thing America has learned from history is they didn't learn from history.

Since Buckwheat Obammy successfuly argued his mandate to buy health insurance before the Supreme court was actually a tax then, our constitution was amended without having to be written so. Now, in socialist USA, it is appropriate to interchange the words "tax" and "insurance".

The Dixie Democrats kept blacks from voting, and thus deigning one of our very basic constitutional rights, by devising a poll tax. They were taxed for the right to vote and many of them didn't have the money for that.

The idea of a 'liability' tax or a tax on ammunition, license to purchase tax, or license to own, or any other tax on guns, magazines, ammo, etc... IS ESSENTIALLY A POLL TAX. A transparent way to keep poorer people from being able to have a gun.

It will be fought in the courts!

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