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POSTED: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 10:13pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 5:25pm

I have stepped back from talking about the Nevada story because there has been a lot of misinformation reported.

Let me say this, the 65-year old Nevada rancher at the heart of this brawl owes the U.S. government about a million dollars for grazing rights for his cattle for the last 20 years. Although, I read yesterday he thinks he's grand-fathered in and out to be dealing with the state and not the feds. Either way, he is not without sin. But, I cannot believe how the federal government has handled this, and in doing so with heavy-handed tactics, they already lost the public relations war. No matter what the problem was--sending in these officers from the Bureau of Land Management with firearms was ludicris. I mean, they carry pistols, but having them display rifles? What was that all about?

I told you six months ago about federal officers wanting to check an Alaskan mining outfit to make sure the miners were not polluting the waters, so they swooped in with a swat team. A knock on the front door would have been better. All the officers did in Alaska, and now Nevada did, was escalate things.

Why not let the lawyers talk? Lawyers are there to hammer out deals. If the old rancher won't give, then, as Judge Andrew Napolitano said, have the government put a lien against his property for the owed amount. But, to show up with snarling dogs, tasing the ranchers son and having a local official, who was siding with the feds, tell the rancher and his family to make funeral plans? That was sheer stupidity.

Harry Reid says it's not over. Yes, it is. I think the locals there in Nevada and many watching on television have seen this as a line in the sand for a federal government which has grown too big for it's britches. Weaponry shown from the feds, indeed.

That's my point of view what's yours? You can email me at or facebook me at KETK Neal Barton.

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don... think don.. think.

If before the government EVERY OWNED OR USED that property in Tyler I was allowed to use it, then I might have an augment. But the Tyler government was there first.

Hope for change in 2014. To overturn Obamacare we need to overturn the senate. No Dems wanted or needed there.

"If before the government EVERY OWNED OR USED that property in Tyler I was allowed to use it, then I might have an augment".

No deaf, you would not have an ARGUMENT at all. Just because you once had been allowed to use it does not give you a right to use it when owners change.

The rancher is in the wrong. He has admitted on camera he owes the fees and it's reported that there is three court rulings stating so. Apparently he's claimed he'll pay the fees to the state, but not the feds since he's on state property not federal. That being said, the feds have over reacted and has handled this badly. Now Reid calls the Bundy's supporters as domestic terrorists. I'd say the fed and BLM is acting the terrorists.

that right dean, you are correct. deaf why don't you try and use one of the federal buildings in Tyler for own personal and financial benefit without paying and see if the feds, tyler police and the smith county law comes in with guns drawn and remove your ignorant @*$.

This man's ranch has been there for over 100 YEARS. They grazed their cattle on it BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT EVEN OWNED IT OR CHARGED FOR IT.

But more importantly the government used basically military tactics with machinegun armed federal police to try and bully him off the land instead of using the court system (which police tell us to use in stead of violence, right?)

I'm surprised they didn't use tanks.

Yea, it ain't over. Reid's son and the Chinese haven't gotten their money.

My family settled here in Anderson County in 1838. My Great , Great, Great., Great Grandfather received a Spanish land grant. My family still has to obey the law. If law enforcement violates their oath and fires on unarmed civilians. Then I have a right to defend myself against that lawless rouge element badge or not. Otherwise it is my duty to comply. The government did use the court system. He lost. And he lost the appeal also. He has zero right to disobey the law.

Certainly it's not over but consider this. A small town installs parking meters in their downtown region to help offset the cost of street maintenance. For years drivers didn't have to pay to park but now that's changed. After months or even years of refusing to pay the parking meter and countless parking tickets they tow their cars. Should they too be grandfathered in? Shouldn't this rancher using publicly held and publicly owned lands for his own personal and financial benefit have to pay?

The Branch Davidians in Waco, and the Weaver family in Idaho were executed by federal officers. Officers who murdered civilians, lied under oath, and got away with it. The presence of protestors on the scene is probably the only reason that rancher and his family aren't dead. The department of education, NOAA, EPA, and USDA, all have armed swat teams. They aren't planning on using them in Iraq. They plan on using them on us.

No they didn't get away with Waco, Tim McVeigh saw to that. And before you start with the uproar, just remember that we all know Oklahoma would not have happened if Waco hadn't happened first.

So this rancher gets to graze his cattle for free?

A mouthful of grass? It's not like you were paying to bus the cows in and give them a free breakfast and lunch to boot.

Go find out what Harry Reid's SON's involvement in this is.

See old Harry is a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE yet has never worked in anything but public service.

Kind of strange, right?

Like Dianne Feinstein in California, his family gets all kinds of government contracts.

This rancher and his problems have far more to do with Reid and his big money buddies than they want you to believe.

Hope for change in 2014. Vote Dems out and let them work for a change.

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