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Neal Barton's POV

You can't tax your way out of this!


POSTED: Friday, April 15, 2011 - 6:04pm

UPDATED: Saturday, April 16, 2011 - 9:41pm

Lawmakers are squabbling right now in the halls of Congress about the budget.

It is obvious to me we have a spending problem. We don't have a taxing problem.

If you pay attention to anything, please know so many times taxes are asked for are the state and federal level, and then end up somewhere else.

Look at the Texas lottery. That money was never used for what it was intended, but politicians have played this game for years, and we've all been to dumb to figure it out.

Put out the bait. Starving the children. Starving grandma. We'll have to fire police offers. You know focus group push button emotional phrases and sayings.

That's what going on right now.

I think the answers is cutting, because if you cut it's tangible.

I know many of you will choke when you hear me say this, but I would pay higher taxes for a while- for a while- if I thought it would do any good retiring this huge debt.

But, I know there is no way it would go toward that.

It would be used for ethanol subsidies in Iowa. Raising taxes won't work.

The idol of the Democratic party is J.F.K. who said a rising tide raises all boats. In other words, lower taxes more, more and more money for the government because of greater spending.

Congressman Tim Scott of South Carolina crunched some numbers. He said that if we were to tax these individuals 100% of their income, we still could not cover our deficit this year alone.

As a matter of fact, to tax our way out of debt, we would need to increase taxes across the board on every man, on every woman and every business by 60 percent. You simply cannot tax your way out of this debt,

That's his and my point of view. What's yours?

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The Liberal Progressives have turned our world upside down, good is bad, bad is good, killing your baby is family planning, living off the means of others is honest, women act like men, men act like women, same sex unions are redefined as marriage, cutting 36 billion from a 1.6 trillion deficit is a record breaking cut in debt, sons of former slaves are now the masters who enslave the sons of former masters into debt-bondage. Are they just plain stupid or just plain dishonest.

Liberals are like weak powerless spoiled children whose well earned low feelings of self-worth have forced them to join a gang (Unions, Political Parties) where they can exercise control over the lives of other people they could never compete with one on one as individuals. The deleterious results of their actions prove them to be either stupid as evidenced in their continued failed performance which they edify, or just plain dishonest and evil on purpose as evidenced in their collective greed.

I believe that everytime anyone gets something wrong they should be corrected. It is wrong to believe that a debt four times our entire annual economy was intended to ever be paid back. It is also wrong to let government and media distract your thought into a belief that any cut in spending or increase in tax will (some day in the distant future) pay-back the debt. These measures will simply keep us from incurring more debt. The proper thought should be secession and starting over.

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