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I'm talking, today

To follow up on what I spoke about yesterday, I am glad more people I nave spoken with have decided to watch the video of the Jordanian pilot burning to death.

And we do nothing

Late last night I decided to watch the pilot from Jordan be burned to death. And I will tell you it is horrible.

Riding our green unicorns

THIS FROM THE Sierra CLUB.ORG. The best ally for the the Sierra Club to shut down the XL pipeline. Saudi Arabia.

While Congress is asleep

Remember when the president told us years ago he'd be letting us know what would be going on from bills to policy on c-span? Yes.

So, what is a terrorist?

The Daily Caller reports a spokesman for the Taliban claimed responsibility for a shooting at a military airport in Kabul on Thursday which left three American contractors dead.

She'll fit right in

Loretta Lynch is on Capitol Hill applying for Eric Holder's job as attorney general. That's the top cop in the land and the president's legal counsel.

All this for a storm?

The last 48 hours if you follow the news at all you have been hearing about he snow-maggedon or snow-pocolypse heading to New York City. Here it comes. They held news conference. They warned.

A mile high lecture

The same president who hates drilling for oil, but takes credit for lower gas prices is now lecturing us again. This time...from places like Air Force One.

Getting to the bottom of deflategate

I always dread the dead week in the Super Bowl. I wish they'd just play it a week after the championship because to tell you the truth, I forget about football. This week, grist for the mill: Deflategate.

Be careful of experts

I didn't listen to the State of the Union last night. The president mercifully told us what he was up to two weeks ago and from what I've seen didn't veer away from that.

The State of the Union, what's the point?

Tonight, the president presents the State of the Union address. Are you excited? I matter what party you support and who is in office do your care or does it really matter?

We pay you. You help us.

In its annual report to Congress today, the office of the National Taxpayer Advocate outlined a series of Internal Revenue Service failures.

It's not his circus

Politicians sometimes have no problems piggybacking on an issue they think will make them look good. Now it's the president and gas prices.

We are at war with an enemy who hates us

An alcoholic can't help themselves until they admit they are an alcoholic. You cannot make any adjustments in your own life until you finally come to grips and you realize you have this problem.