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Sunday, January 25, 2015 - 8:15pm
Neal Barton's POV


To all environmentalist....gas is good!

This excerpt is from "the Californian." They picked it up from the Associated Press. Man, this must have been hard from them to write.

Finally some federal common sense

Sometimes I think the green movement will not be happy until we are living in a tee-pee wearing a loin cloth.

Oh, deary-dear

Oh, deary-dear. Look what the New York Times...the New York Times? Yes, the New York Times, has dug up.

Sad and sadder

It's stuff like this that makes me pull my hair out. In this computer age everything you want to see or find is at your finger tips.

What are they thinking?

What in the world has happened to our political parties? You have one side which lives lawlessly and cavorts like there is no consequence to print money and spent what printed money we have printed.

Politics makes strange bedfellows

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

All about politics

"But if Americans are killed as a result of this report and they tell you that, I assume you would feel guilty about that," Blitzer replied.

Maybe a trade school would be better?

Mom and dad, don't you love the fact you get to scrimp and save to send your child through college and once you get them there you basically hand them over to a bunch of balding and gray-headed 60's wannabe's?

Are we Di-Fi's enemy

I usually don't do the same topic two days in a row..but there is still so much to say about one group of selfish, misguided politicians who are putting our nation and spies and allies at risk.

Have we lost our minds

Why are we so intent to play politics to the point we are willing to put our fellow countrymen and allies in peril?

Even in death, you're not green enough

There is an organization called the Urban Death Project, and Katrina Spade is Founder and Director. She writes in the Huffington Post, even when we meet our maker, we will continue to foul Mother Earth.

Thank you, for your money

My, goodness. They love to spend our money. This, from the Washington Times:

I hope they stay there

We try and honor all veterans as much as we can. We know whether you were in combat or had another job that it was sacrifice. Fear, loneliness, and I'm sure sometimes...hope, may have been lost.

Keep our money here

I want to speak with you about something that is rally important to me. And that is supporting our area this holiday season. You can do that by shopping local businesses.

Mitt, go away

I wish Mitt Romney would go back to his yacht or whatever he does now and stay out of politics.