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Is the white house killing gun sales

Is the white house killing gun sales

Kelly Ridell has an interesting story in the Washington times. A story I think is true.

Let's hear both sides of the argument

This will get things stirred up again. The Mail online's Ben Spencer wrote recently:

New York Times...war on women?

This is another one of those stories I had to read about three times to make sure I had it correct.
I fell asleep soundly

I fell asleep soundly

Yesterday, the president spoke to leaders in law enforcement. The president basically told the cops how to do their job.
Obama scare

Obama scare

BRIANNA EHLEY, writes in the Fiscal Times A handful of state-run health exchange websites-which cost nearly half a billion dollars to build-still don't work, nearly seven months after they first went live.

Why are we letting these people go?

Chuck Ross from the Daily Caller reports nearly 200 murderers, over 400 rapists, and 300 kidnappers in the U.S.

No need for another view

If you didn't think this administration and their left-wing media friends were on a full-assault of trying to beat down any opposition, think again.

Taking rules a bit too far

I think many of you have seen the pictures, if not, you can Google man arrested "two minutes over school board."

Global what?

Here we are again.

Make sure you know your child's curriculum

When Dwight Eisenhower was supreme commander during WW2 for Europe, he once again displayed brilliance.

Bullet points about government waste

Many KETK viewers have brought the following to my attention, and it's being fought about in left and right-wing blogs, but I'm using the Stars and Stripes.

First Amendment common sense

I always like to hear from the audience and a few of you have weighed in about the crazy NBA owner in LA. You ask me about his First Amendment rights. Well, yes, he has them. So do you. So do I

More Benghazi deflection

Here is one news item I am certain is NOT making it's way around news circles today.

Rethinking VA hospitals

In my opinion, there needs to be a lot of house cleaning and restructuring at government agencies. However, one agency which really needs to be scoured is the Veterans Affairs and those running veteran's hospitals.

Don't mess with Texas

In a move that made me say wow this morning, Toyota announced they are moving the marketing and sales part of its American outfit to Plano, north of Dallas from a Los Angeles suburb.