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Don't mess with Texas

In a move that made me say wow this morning, Toyota announced they are moving the marketing and sales part of its American outfit to Plano, north of Dallas from a Los Angeles suburb.
Lies, damn lies and statistics

Lies, damn lies and statistics

We are entering the summer before the midterm elections. And before long, the political ads will be flying through the air as thick as mosquitoes in Houston.

IRS, out of control

The IRS, the same outfit which sends threatening letters to U.S. citizens is not playing by the same rules. It's the federal government, so knock me over with a feather. From the Los Angeles Times:

More Nevada fallout

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooo boy. For better or worse, this Cliven Bundy deal continues to get traction out in Nevada and across the country. Harry Reid has said " something will happen." Well, maybe not.

These are my thoughts

A lot of sobering news Tuesday. The New York Times reports the middle class of America is no long the most affluent. I'm sure those at the Times think higher tax

These are my thoughts about the president's news conference

In a weird, disjointed news conference Thursday, President Obama went on the offensive. He touted there are now 8 million people signed up for Obamacare.

More government overreach

Going back to the Nevada situation we spoke of yesterday, here's another similar story. I've been keeping up with this for about two months.
No wonder Lois is in trouble

No wonder Lois is in trouble

Lois Lerner is not having a good day. reports judicial swatch, through a freedom of information request,

Yes,'s over

I have stepped back from talking about the Nevada story because there has been a lot of misinformation reported.

Kathleen ... you CAN take it with you

Out of all the accounts of Kathleen Sebelius getting fired this was the best .. and it comes from the mail in the UK. Let the smoke blowing begin. It's an account of Sebelius stepping down.

East Texans, always caring

Tonight I have good news about a sad topic. I am not a parent, but I can not imagine anything more joyful than bringing home that little baby your wife just had from the hospital.

Did anybody do any preparation?

Yesterday at the white house, another photo op. The president signed an executive order on equal pay for women.

No thanks, Mr. Holder

It's all over the news. I grabbed this from the Daily Caller which snagged it from the Free Beacon.

Then, just don't run

Of all the stupid things, one congressman from Virginia is whining Congress doesn't make enough money. He thinks they all need raise.

Global warming, laughable

Recently, a UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published its first report in seven years on the now widely accepted phenomenon known as "climate change."