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Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 10:11am
Neal Barton's POV


Did anybody do any preparation?

Yesterday at the white house, another photo op. The president signed an executive order on equal pay for women.

No thanks, Mr. Holder

It's all over the news. I grabbed this from the Daily Caller which snagged it from the Free Beacon.

Then, just don't run

Of all the stupid things, one congressman from Virginia is whining Congress doesn't make enough money. He thinks they all need raise.

Global warming, laughable

Recently, a UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published its first report in seven years on the now widely accepted phenomenon known as "climate change."

7.1 million reducts

I just cannot let this go. I grew up in the age of journalism when the press would speak the truth to power.
7 million, but, who's counting? Seriously, who's doing the counting?

7 million, but, who's counting? Seriously, who's doing the counting?

Well, the touting has started. The Obama Administration is stating they signed up 7-million right on the last day of the program.

This guy makes me ill

Right after the Connecticut school shooting, one California state senator went ballistic leading the charge in his state to get rid of guns, especially semi-automatic guns.

Look who wants to be T. Boone Pickens

Barack Obama recently told us he had a phone and a pen and could run the country that way. Evidentially, Vladimir Putin can run Russia that way, too.

Financial judgement day

Many times when politicians are trying to ram new spending through, they like to cite the-- and they always say --the numbers from the "non-political" Congressional Budget Office (CBO).


I just wish Scott Chesner was here so I could see his head explode.

This is a little extreme

More unbelievable political correctness and lunacy, but in Maryland this time.

Yes, this could happen here

From Fox News: All Andy Johnson wanted to do was build a stock pond on his sprawling eight-acre Wyoming farm.

Now, who's out of touch?

The Democratic Party leaders still say people love Obamacare although they are issuing waivers left and right because they know people are furious and they are afraid it will be felt at the voting booth-- outta touch.

Shhhh, you have an exemption

There is a new chapter in the Obamacare implosion and chances are it's one you don't know about it and that is on purpose.

Cooked books, bad recipe

If you keep up with news at all, you know this administration is not hard line about deporting illegals who are here.