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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm
Neal Barton's POV


Food stamps...for a while

I wonder why Michelle Obama hasn't jumped on this and wanted people on foot stamps to "move"?

Who was right about Russia?

"Gov Romney. I'm glad that you accept al Qaeda is a threat, because ten months ago when you were asked what the biggest geopolitical threat was facing America, you said it was Russia. Not al Qaeda....Russia.

The winner is...NOT the Koch brothers

We're sliding toward another election season before long. After the May runoffs, we're looking right at the mid-terms for November. And already, the strategery of some is showing.

"Let's Cowboy Up"

We've been so busy I've almost let this one get by me. The nannification of the country continues--- this time in the state of Idaho.

This free healthcare is adding up

Not only can you not keep your doctor, you're going to be paying more for the unaffordable health care plan.

Make cuts somewhere else

Bill Gertz writes President Barack Obama will sharply cut ships, aircraft, and troops as part of a major reduction of U.S. military forces that will face even steeper downsizing in 2016.

Good for the state of Texas

Many times during a week, I am reminded how proud I am to be a Texan. This past week, I was proud again when the state told the NFL to stow it.

Weather, or not

It sure has been cold this winter.

Goverment stay out of our newsroom

I am sure you've heard by now what the Federal Communications Commission is up to.

Snow news is not slow news

Nothing drives the mainstream media crazier than the threat of a story about the government being shut down.

The feds not worth their salt

How many times have I said the federal government can't really fix anything? We can raise an army and build roads, but after that, well?

This is not our biggest problem

United States Secretary of State John Kerry said global warming is as big a threat as terrorism in a speech in Indonesia, the world's largest exporter of coal for power plants.

This is the game they really play

This I why people hate many politicians. Many, on both sides of the aisle, are rotten to the core. Let me add a little color to Wednesday's debt ceiling vote.

Oh my goodness, the Federal Government is shut down

It is with great sadness I report to you today, our beloved federal government is shut down.

I can break the law as well as he can

How well is Obamacare going over? So well hat this week, the President has extended the business waiver for another year. The reason why?