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Gun sense not nonsense

The gun debate has been going on for years.

Proud to have you as neighbors

While reading this morning, I came across the story on The Blaze, and it's good news.

Could be a political bombshell

News broke yesterday that the administration brought in consultants as early as last spring to take a look at the website. The Obamacare website.

Slip of the tongue?

This weekend on all the news talking head shows, there was so much spinning going on about "Obamacare," it would make you dizzy.

The real game going on here is...

39 House Democrats voted with Republicans today to allow folks to get their insurance policy's back. Now, the president says he'll veto it.

Murray the Maverick

Do you remember during the government shutdown John McCain was calling Senator Ted Cruz every name in the book. McCain said "Obamacare" is the law and we need to abide by it.

A 12-alarm fire

In the masthead of the New York Times it says "All the news fit to print."

Bill makes a point

I needed to sit down and put a cold towel on my head because today,  I told the newsroom I agreed with Bill Clinton.

Think about our veterans

It is veteran's day and let me take the time to say thank you. I grew up during the Vietnam War..and the way we treated those who served then was dispicable.
...He's sorry

...He's sorry

Did you see the president said he was sorry? NBC News had that "apology" exclusively, Thursday night, and I made sure I watched it.

Now it's time to pay up

Finally, we have some common sense. Remember last month when when the SNAP or food stamps cards would not work for a few hours? That was a "glitch."

Felons can apply

KETK covered this story a few weeks ago, but Thursday, Texas Senator John Cornyn had the following conversation with Kathleen Sebelius about "Obamacare" navigators:

The lollipop guild and the Wizard of Oz

If I had a crummy NFL football team, the first thing I would do is fire the current coach and general manager and get some winners in there. Winners know how to win and that may sound trite, but it's true.

It's all theirs

Ok...let's go to real-ville. The cat is out of the bag and everyone knows the the president was telling whoppers when he's been selling the health care plan since 2009.

More blow back to come

We are from the government and we are here to help, or in other words, not help: