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Now, there's a class I'd sign up for

Now, there's a class I'd sign up for

The following is from a TV station in Boston and it seems like a professor is sticking it back to the global warming folks saying what we've told you here for a long time.

We'll see what else comes out of this

The Washington Post is the last place I figured I would see this.

That's what you call journalism

One of the best articles I have seen so far about "bridge-gate" showed up this past weekend in the New York Post.

Insurance companies may have no fear

Ronald Reagan once said, "Insurance companies which climb into bed with the government will get more than a good night's sleep."

It's a bridge, not Benghazi

I'm still shaking my head at this media and the Chris Christie debacle.

Welcome to the real world, Chris Christie

Governor Christie, welcome to the real world! Your sweet dreams are over and now you are right in the bullseye of being a republican in a liberal democrat world.

Who won the war on poverty? The federal government

The war on poverty turns 50-years-old Wednesday. This was was declared by President Johnson when I was just a child in 1964 and I heard about it almost every day of my life growing up.

No such thing as a 'do-nothing' government

One day, right before Christmas, I almost spilled my coffee when I heard people, mainly uninformed journalists, complaining we had a "do-nothing congress."

Marcus and Scott had a better year than the president

Here we are in an East Texas deep freeze. Scott Chesner and Marcus Bagwell told you, months ago, this winter would be rough, simply by looking at the position of the jet stream.

What a way to spend a 'vacation'

I'm sorry but I have to re-visit this from Thursday.

A ship stuck 'on the rocks'

I'm sure you all have seen the media reports concerning the 52 crew-member ship being stuck in the Antarctic ice.

Poll madness

If the news is too bad, stay away from and don't report it. Sound ridiculous? Even juvenile? Enter President Obama's pollster. 

What difference does it make? A lot.

Many in Conservative media are refuting a report in the New York Times. The Times is reporting that Al Qaeda had nothing to do with the attack on Benghazi back in 2012.

It's not melting

Here we are with snow in the Pacific Northwest and already recovering from a wintry burst of weather across the country a few weeks back.

Green bullets, indeed

I spent my lunch hour looking for the best priced ammunition and after reading the following, I realized I'll soon be paying even more than I am now.