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Cruizing with common sense

Looks like freshman Senator Ted Cruz is creating a fire storm with some of the liberal elite in the northeast.
Electric cars: More negatives than positives

Electric cars: More negatives than positives

The only thing the federal government is good at is looking at ways to fix things and losing lots of money while they do it. The so-called, non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has some sickening numbers for us.

Thoughts about the President's gun proposal

TYLER,TX. (KETK)--The President came out with his 23 executive orders Wednesday and asked Congress to make what he called common sense changes to gun laws. I saw again, who is the judge of what is common sense.

Harry Reid does something right

TYLER, TX. (KETK) -Don't think for a moment this crowd in the white house and their cronies don't want your guns. Well, let's go back to the Health Care bill.

"Common sense" according to whom?

I can usually count on New York Senator Charles Schumer to come up with some of the most ridiculous political diatribe. And once again, he does not disappoint.

How about our families?

It seems rather odd that President Obama's administration is meeting about clamping down on other Americans law-abiding Americans rights to bear arms while giving his family all the protection they'll ever need.

Paying for Obamacare

CNS news is reporting Thursday, the Internal Revenue Service warned employers in a new regulatory proposal not to come up with clever schemes to avoid Obamacare's employer health insurance mandate.

Texas, the best state

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports when the 83rd Texas Legislature opened-- Texas Comptroller Susan Combs reported that a "very strong rebound" from the recession means lawmakers will have $101.4 billion in state general purpose rev
Rules for whom?

Rules for whom?

James Brinkley is a U.S. marshal from Maryland.
What's good for the goose...

What's good for the goose...

When I was off last week, I regretted I could not share this story with you the minute I saw it.

Boehner's bad leadership

I wonder if John Boehner cried last night. He's prone to doing that. He presided over a mess in the U.S. House. A house that capitulated to the president late last night.

Your money

Looks like 2013 will be a lot like 2012 when it come to political lunacy. All the national media has been and still is aflutter with the "fiscal cliff."
A new twist

A new twist

I never even wince anymore when I hear how bad people hate Congress. This week their approval rating is down to 5 %. It seems that everyone complains about Congress, but the me old people get sent back.

What a hyprocrite

Rules for thee but not for me. Left winger Michael Moore loves to go on  about how he hates guns-- yadda yadda. Well, a fun NY thing happened at the airport in New York City.