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Monday, October 20, 2014 - 11:06am
Neal Barton's POV


Sneaky e-mail addresses = Mistrust

I  just saw this from the most transparent administration ever. Come to find out,  some have been using fake e-mail addresses to correspond with each other.
The real scandal is Benghazi

The real scandal is Benghazi

This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen in the news business in years. Eric Holder is wanting to have a summit with media power players and he wants to keep this meeting off the record.

Business is good

When Senator Diane Feinstein is not after your guns, she is helping her husband get some great government contracts. The United States Post Office is selling 56 buildings They claim they don't need them anymore.

They're VETS not just PETS

I saw this story on Memorial Day and it warmed my heart and broke my heart at the same time. A Dallas TV station is reporting there is an adoption service set up now to adopt military dogs.

What Memorial Day is all about

Yes, I must admit, I've been one of those people on Facebook and social media reminding folks this day is not about bar-be-que or whatever it is you did.

Time for an IRS overhaul?

So Lois Lerrner, IRS big-wig, would not resign from her job, so she is now on administrative leave.

Texas is the best

Texas is doing a lot of things right. So are a lot of "Red States" in the country. That's why they are leading the nation with economic numbers.

IRS arrogance out of hand

IRS to the American people: “Drop dead."

They don't know much

Let me be sure I have all this right. During the Benghazi attacks, the president was not aware of what was happening.

Poor answer, 'Mr. IRS Man'

This morning during a hearing on Capitol Hill, the fired IRS chief, who was quitting in June, I know, it's a joke, told questioners, "Sorry, we did a bad job of customer service." Customer service?

We're talking disenfranchisement

The liberal media loves to use the word “disenfranchised.” They love to drag in out during redistricting battles of other time they seem or deem a group of people are getting a raw deal.

'President Passer-by'

It is amazing how things change when it's your ox getting gored. No interest at all by the national media about Benghazi.

The biggest scandal still smolders

Scandals, scandals. Where to start? Right now the media is displaying incredulity. I wonder how long that will last. New news today!

Nothing to see here, folks, just move along

Well, well. Come to find out the IRS was going after people who disagreed with the government. After denying it ever happened, the story spilled out on Friday.

We deserve answers

I sat in my office Wednesday watching the Benghazi hearings as best I could while the phone rang and people came in and out like they normally do.