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Monday, October 20, 2014 - 11:06am
Neal Barton's POV


Don't let facts get in the way of a good story

Let me start off saying that anyone’s premature death is a tragedy. It is no joke when people are hurt from acts of violence in any form.

I'm starting to believe it's true

I've covered this topic before and I always want to be careful. I'm not a conspiracy or black helicopter guy.

Leave the internet alone

I read this in C-Net today and shook my head. The Senate is expected to vote as early as today, on the long-debated issue of an internet sales tax.

Manners never go out of style

Something special happened last night. Every now and then something pops up in your life which gives you a little hope that maybe all is not lost and things are going to be okay.

Welfare is for those who deserve it

When you work in the news business you hear all sorts of stories. Many of them sad, many I don't believe. Sometimes they want us to become their representation against the storms of life.

Rick riles 'em up in Illinois

I hear some complaining from some folks here in East Texas about Governor Rick Perry. Let me tell you up front, I have not agreed with everything he's done, but all in all, he's got a pretty good record.

Bill Clinton sounds like Gabby Hays

Today it was in the news that the General Accounting Office is going to look into the Department of Homeland Security hoarding bullets. There is no evidence that the DHS is trying to do that, yet, but welcome to the party GAO.

Anti-Christian rant

According to T. Brietbart, “Some military chaplains trying to access the Southern Baptist Convention website this week were surprised to find it blocked with a message that it contained "hostile content."

What's up with the ammo?

This week we found out through news reports the 2.6 billion rounds, ordered by Department of Homeland Security, was not right. The reason, reports say the sequester cut that about down to only 260-million bullets.

No wonder Max is leaving town

I almost drove of the road last week when I heard this about Senator Max Baucus of Montana. Baucus said the "Obamacare" plan was a train wreck and was going to do damage to the economy.
We pay them to kill us

We pay them to kill us

How would you feel if you found out you were paying food and rent for someone who was plotting to kill you? Congratulations, we were!

Knock me over with a feather

Well, knock me over with a feather. The brothers whom police say did the Boston Marathon bombings did not have those guns legally. The 19-year-old who is still alive is not eligible for a handgun until he is 21.
Mispredictions from 'Earth Day,' 1970

Mispredictions from 'Earth Day,' 1970

This is “Earth Day.” It started back in 1970. Back then, I was 11-years-old and remembered hearing all this stuff, tales of mistreating “Mother Earth” and soon we’re going to die.

What really matters

The immigration bill was supposed to be deliberated today by the "Gang of Eight," or nine, whatever. I don't care.

They can name their price

The U.S. Senate seems to have struck a deal to expand background checks for firearms. Last week, John McCain caved and closed the door to filibuster.