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Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 7:46pm
Neal Barton's POV


No, Mr. President. You can't

There was this meme going around during the election on Facebook which showed a picture of Barak Obama and a thought coming from his saying, "there are so many things I could do if this darn Constitution was not in the way."

Where is the transparency?

Remember when this administration was supposed to be the most transparent ever? Remember when the president told us arguing bills would be on C-span. Well,where is that? This from the American Standard:

Crazy ol' Uncle Warren

We have seen who is the newest Ross Perot. It's Warren Buffett. Both men love the limelight and the most dangerous place to be is between Perot or Buffett and a TV camera.

I'll pay for taxes when you spend less

The dust from the election is settling down. Now the mainstream media is in a panic about the so-called fiscal cliff.

If pumpkins were outlawed....

A Sacramento TV station reported this news this past weekend...

Federal workers aren't special

This has to be my favorite story of the week -- if not month -- all because of the wrong reasons. Here we are looking at a so-called fiscal cliff. It's a tax-maggedon-slash government cutback cocktail.

Privacy, please!

Look at ol' Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate. Too busy to pass a budget. He wants those rascally Republicans to stop filibustering every time he wants a bill slammed through.

Spend, spend, spend

Well, are we feeling good about the next 4 years?

Petraeus testifies

General Petreaus gave testimony this morning on Capitol Hill. The main thing seen by Congressman Peter King of New York is that the CIA's talking point were watered down to play down terrorism in the Benghazi attacks

Back to global warming

Yesterday, at the first news conference the president had in 8 months, he was bombarded with questions. I mean, he had to be. It may be a year before he ever has another news conference.

Keep your eye on the ball

Beetle Bailey meets Housewives of DC continues this day. I mentioned Tuesday my disgust of the media loving this story about sex and a real-life cat-fight before our very eyes.

Obsessed with Petraeus, but not the dead

I don't know if you have been following the Petraeus mess, but I have to. What a nasty mess. I'll bet he'd rather face the Taliban right now rather than Mrs. Petraeus.

No nursing home needed

With the cost of everything going up now a days and I'm getting older, my wife found a way to make our retirement cheaper. Obamacare, nursing homes, no problem.


Next Tuesday, a Texas icon will be memorialized on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

FEMA, closed for winter?

This from today's New York Post. Looks as if FEMA is just a fair-weather friend. A snow storm hits the New York City area and FEMA puts out a sign which says "closed because of weather."