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There's a reason for a list

The president today is where he usually is, on a campaign type event advocating something. It's easier to campaign than govern.

What a surprise! #sarcasm

Oh, my gosh. What a surprise.

Yes, this could happen here

How about it? Last week we told you about the bank run in Cyprus. They were going to take 30 percent of your money if you were in a bank there to keep the Euro afloat. Then, at the last minute, they didn't do it.

More ammo for the Feds

This again. I covered this on Friday and today was prepared to speak about what's going on in Cyprus. But, more reports out today about what appears to be an ammo hoard and East Texans who contacted me are angry.

We need answers

CNS News is reporting today police departments, all across the country, are having trouble finding ammunition. According to reports, they are having to barter with other departments to get ammo.

It's not just guns!

If you live in New York state, you soon may not me able to bring your grandchildren to the gun show.

Politicizing death?

Just about the time I was trying to like Harry Ried for showing some sense in the gun debate, he goes and does something like this.

We're the ones getting a haircut

During the sequester, we have been hearing all the horror stories about having to cut this or that. One item that has not been cut-- pun intended -- is the U.S. Senate barber shop. Yes, they have one, and you and I pay for it.

This can't happen to us?

Just last week, I hear a lot of liberals on the chat shows and interviewes by the press saying there is no reason to worry about out $17 trillion debt.

Don't stop, Ted

Very interesting to watch the exchange Thursday between Ted Cruz and Diane Feinstein. He kept asking her why you can water down the 2nd Amendment, but would probably come unglued if someone tried to water down other amendments.

What, me worry?

I am not a conspiracy person at all. I try to stay away from the black helicopter stuff because simply, I never believe it. Reading about it again in Forbes magazine peaked my interest again this week.
He'll fit right in

He'll fit right in

Well, lookie here. This administration tells us we need to pay more taxes. It's the American way. They need more, more, more.

Another gun hypocrite

When I saw this story Monday, I started to get mad and sweat from anger just like I did a month before.

Senator, you're politicizing

Except for the parents who lost children in the Newtown, Connecticut, shootings, no one feels worse about that than I do.

House Organ silent

- I can credit or blame my late father for getting me into politics. I've followed politics ever since I used to watch him shout at the T.V. or throw down the newspaper in disgust.