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Seems not to matter

The Daily Caller reports Democratic New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen was principally involved in a plot with Lois Lerner and President Barack Obama's political appointee at the IRS to lead a program of harassment against conservative no

Save the pre-game festivities

I'm sorry. I can't watch pre-game football or baseball shows on TV. They have become quite lengthy and vacuous.

Proud to show my ID

To live and have the freedoms we have in the country we do have to give up a few freedoms. He said what? Mr. POV said that? Yes?

Adults needed

Being frightened about ISIS is bad enough, but being frightened by who's minding America's store is bad in a whole other way.

Lying to us

There is no wonder almost 70 percent of the nation is angry right now with the direction of the country. There is so much ambiguity.

They're at it again

I heard this last week and looked to USA TODAY  for verification, and yes, she said it.

It's like I never left

A lot has happened since we last spoke. A madman in Canada shoots a guard and it takes their government about half-a-day to say it's terrorism.

A lesson for us all

This is the best time of the year for sports. I don't follow baseball heavily, but one team I really like is the San Francisco Giants.

Like a bad movie

If you wrote this Ebola story for a novel or screen play, the editor would throw it back in your face and tell you this story was way over the top and has too many holes in it.

Center for Disease Confusion

You know it's bad when the president is actually cancelling a fundraising trip because he has to deal with this pesky Ebola.

Cred fading away

In the bowels of the federal government, there has to be some conversations going on about us. You know, us,the little people, t

Why not run on Obamacare?

Today's POV come from a piece written on The writer is Jazz Shaw.

Should flights be stopped?

I think Patrick Buchanan has this right. It's from a CNS News report about an interview on Fox News.

Losing our nerve or common sense

CNS News reports FBI Director James Comey told CBS's "60 Minutes" that "a dozen or so" Americans are fighting with terrorists in Syria.

What's wrong with our country?

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