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Catch me if you can

Evidentially, I hit a chord yesterday when we spoke. I mentioned this is not the same country I grew up in, or it seems. Look at what is happening in sports.

I don't recognize my country

A year ago at the Democratic Nationa Convention is heard this several times. Bin Laden was dead and Al-Qaeda was on the run. Since Bush was gone everyone would like us. We even killed Bin Laden at his house.

Too much PC

This is the kind of stuff you cannot make up. But, for a time in my life I lived there, and sadly, this does not surprise me.

Americans are catching on

RARE is reporting on Wednesday, the Obama Administration released several newly de-classified intelligence documents in a damage control attempt over the growing NSA snooping scandal.

What war on women?

Let's talk about the so-called "war on women." From what I've seen this past two weeks, Gloria Allread should be screaming along with many other involved in women's rights.


The president is flying all over the country again campaigning. Campaigning is easier than governing. They say the president is pivoting to the ecomony. I think he's trying the ol' slight of hand.

America needs more love

Back in September 2001, three brave firemen stood atop rubble hoisting up the American flag after the 9/11 attacks. Well, if there is one thing wrong with this country right now, this is it.

Does anybody like this thing?

First, it was big labor. And now from another unlikely critic, the IRS union is thumbing it's nose at "Obamacare."

What's the point?

Many time on this forum we have discussed how high taxes are and when taxes get high enough they choke the economy. Smart people are not going to always have their taxes raised to pay for more people.

How much is too much?

Just this week, we did an story about by the year 2014 all new cars will have to be equipped with a black box. Some already have them. Many times in the newsroom, we have discussions about this and they can get heated.
Stand your ground conveniently forgotten

Stand your ground conveniently forgotten

So, the Trayvon Martin verdict did not go the way many wanted it to go. Outraged, many are now wanting a Department of Justice inquery and on and on and on.

Meanwhile, back to the IRS gig

A funny thing happened last week while all the cable nets were constantly yammering about the results from a Florida trial. Bombshell testimoney came out concerning the IRS/Tea Party flap.
Not anymore

Not anymore

Detroit, Michigan. Need I say more?  Eighteen billion dollars in he hole. It all started a half century ago. Times were great. Detroit's population was almost 2 million people. Motor City, baby.
A rolling stone gathers no sense

A rolling stone gathers no sense

So Rolling Stone magazine decides to publish a picture of a terrorist on the cover. This is the part in TC where I am supposed to show you the cover. but I won't.
A heartless, cowardly act

A heartless, cowardly act

Nothing breaks my heart more than stories like this. An innocent dog in Gregg County was found with 28 pellet shots. Many, to its head.