Neal Barton's POV


No to the "new normal"

You know you hear a lot about the "new normal" now-a-days. And one of the new normals that just chaps me is the high price of gasoline.

Don't politicize an emergency

On a radio show this weekend, the governor of Maryland right in the middle of storm preps for hurricane Sandy chose to get political. But being political is one thing. Being down right loony is another.

Where's the outrage?

In a story which makes my heart ache, Fox News reports during the Benghazi consulate firefight, our Americans there who were basically in an Alamo-like fight for their lives asked for support three times.

Bankruptcy, Good! Bailout, bad!

In the middle of this red hot presidential race, a lot of mud had been thrown. One of the most outlandish tales has been that Mitt Romney wanted the auto industry to go belly-up.


It's not the crime, it's the coverup. Look what is happening in Benghazi. The truth is leaking out about what happened on the September 11th, 2012 attack.

How about some big cuts

It seems every day we in the news media are telling you how much you are in debt. It's either this much by family of that much per person.

POV, the good and the bad

I got a voicemail from a viewer from this past weekend. He was on me about being negative. As always, I look for constructive criticism.

We can't afford this

What a day of news in America.

Debating Obama and Crowley

Time Magazine this week set off a bombshell when it leaked a copy of Tuesday night's presidential debate contact to the media. It said the debate moderator should just call on the audience and stay out of the way.

We deserve better

The situation in Libya really makes me angry. We have dead Americans. And the administration keeps saying don't believe your lying eyes, this was all caused by a video tape. There are hearings.

Earth cools MIA

Well, whaddya know. The earth quit warming 16 year ago and it was never reported by the media.

I hate the new normal

Are you getting sick of the new normal?

What a difference a debate makes

What a difference a debate makes. I stood right here a while back and told you none of the poll numbers mean anything until the first debate. Now that we have had that, things have reversed and it's driving the left mad.

Finally, some foreign policy

I finally heard some foreign policy this morning in a speech. Unfortunately,  it was not from the president. It was from challenger, Mitt Romney.

Guess who'll win

Tonight is the big presidential debate. I will be taking a peek here and there. Most of these debates go about 30 minutes too long.