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What long lines?

Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano has been telling us the sky is falling, literally. She says things are already bad at our nations largest airports since the sequester kicked in on Friday.

Can they even run a Kool-Aid stand?

Governor Mike Huckabee makes a great point when he said this...

More madness

This story still sticks in my craw. It's still a news story, but not as big as it should be.

Who's running the store?

Many a time I have heard a Baptist preacher say I was going to preach on this title, but at the last minute, I felt led to preach on another. That's what happened with this topic today.

Man made mess

Well.... It's sequestration week. We got our marching orders like the rest of the media did this morning.

Simply outrageous

Here is a story which has fallen through the cracks, and when I ask folks about it, they get angry.

What to do about China?

Hey, what a surprise. The Chinese have been up to sabotage and trying to hack into our country's business computers and military's computers.

No, we're not here to get your gun

It is amazing how a federal law, the 2nd Amendment, has been hijacked by some state governments. Right now, unless stopped, Colorado is on the way to an all-out black rifle ban or at least magazine capacity ban.

Still the father of our country

Happy President's Day! This editorial caught my eye today from the Washington Times newspaper because I saw a documentary about George Washington last night and I thought they slammed him.

Forgetting the military, Nancy?

Right now, on Capitol Hill, they are fighting about a sequester. That's a $5 word for government cut. Like tax increase has become "investment."

I've seen this show before!

For the first time in many years, I did not watch the State of the Union last night. It doesn't not matter who is president.

Is voting five times wrong?

A viewer asked me to comment on this. I can comment all I want, but it won't change the fact the the U.S. government has no problem with voter fraud-- as long as it's for their side.

Free health care is not free

Now many in this great country are finding out that free health care is not free or easy. We passed the messy bill and now, according to Nancy Pelosi, we are reading it and it's wobbly and all over the place.
Let's have a real gun debate

Let's have a real gun debate

The gun debate goes on. Even though Joe Biden was caught on camera this week saying  tighter guns laws he and his party are pushing for won't make that much of a difference.

Who really deserves a raise?

If you fought the Taliban, stepped around land mines and fought for our nation, congratulations! You've just become a pawn in the fancy-named cost-cutting game known as sequestration.