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Monday, November 24, 2014 - 3:03pm
Neal Barton's POV


Yes, we'll......get back with you

What in the world is going on? First of all even Egypt and Russia are telling the US we better get our act together. Egypt and Russia? They are pointing to the doins' in Missouri. Our leadership in the world is gone as well.

Let's do this differently

This Rick Perry indictment has been the funniest thing I have seen for a while when it comes to politics. Do we call this the politics of desperation?

More facts come out

The name of the officer who shoot the teen in Missouri name was announced Friday. I'm still not sure why.

Hooray for Sheriff Clark

Even though Michael Bloomberg is no long mayor of the nation's largest city, he is still trying to muscle in and make people abide to his wishes.

This mess started back in 2013

All though I agree whole-heartily with legal immigration, I do not like what's going on right now.

Iraq mess

What a mess the situation in Iraq is. The president campaigned back in 2012 that he was getting out of Iraq and we'd kick the sand off our boots when we are out.

Complete Chaos

CNN came out with a poll Friday and it says people, more than ever before, don't have any faith in the federal government.

Obama's big problem

During the last year, we have heard all the wise men on the left and right tell the Republican Party if they don't do this amnesty thing, they would be in big trouble.

Sleepy media

Today, the Washington Post editorial board said President Obama "should think twice" about deferring deportation for millions more illegal immigrants, as he reportedly may do later this summer.

Raiding San Antonio

The Dallas Morning News reported Mark, the son of Al Davis, is shopping the Raiders in San Antonio. You've heard this before.

I still like Ike

Illegal immigration at border states has always been a problem. While researching today's topic, I came across a Christian Science Monitor story. It was an article written by John Dillin on July 6th, 2006.

Hero doctor keeps job

Maybe you didn't hear this story last week since it doesn't fit in the the anti-gun message most of the media propagates. Last week, a mentally deranged man came in for treatment at Pennsylvania hospital.

Five things Jeter could teach politicians

Thomas Basile wrote this piece for the Wall Street Journal a week ago. I found it in the intellectual conservative website.

Mexico...mad at us?

After all the mess we've been dealing with on the border, now we have a new problem-- Mexico. They are angry at us.

Stephen King, not so shining

I've seen one Stephen King movie, The Shining. Most people loved it. I was bored.