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Monday, March 2, 2015 - 9:31pm
Neal Barton's POV


Complete Chaos

CNN came out with a poll Friday and it says people, more than ever before, don't have any faith in the federal government.

Obama's big problem

During the last year, we have heard all the wise men on the left and right tell the Republican Party if they don't do this amnesty thing, they would be in big trouble.

Sleepy media

Today, the Washington Post editorial board said President Obama "should think twice" about deferring deportation for millions more illegal immigrants, as he reportedly may do later this summer.

Raiding San Antonio

The Dallas Morning News reported Mark, the son of Al Davis, is shopping the Raiders in San Antonio. You've heard this before.

I still like Ike

Illegal immigration at border states has always been a problem. While researching today's topic, I came across a Christian Science Monitor story. It was an article written by John Dillin on July 6th, 2006.

Hero doctor keeps job

Maybe you didn't hear this story last week since it doesn't fit in the the anti-gun message most of the media propagates. Last week, a mentally deranged man came in for treatment at Pennsylvania hospital.

Five things Jeter could teach politicians

Thomas Basile wrote this piece for the Wall Street Journal a week ago. I found it in the intellectual conservative website.

Mexico...mad at us?

After all the mess we've been dealing with on the border, now we have a new problem-- Mexico. They are angry at us.

Stephen King, not so shining

I've seen one Stephen King movie, The Shining. Most people loved it. I was bored.

Another Obamacare mess

While the president rides on Air Force One to the next fundraiser or vacation, you can bet his team will be working on a new problem from today.

The world run amok

My dad and I use to go round and round about politics, until I finally grew up.

We're out of control

The information, true and false about this story is so enormous, but I'll just say this: Not only was the downing of the Malaysian airliner horrible, but for an older TV reporter like myself, I could not believe by eyes and ears half the ti

Wow, this is getting personal

Wow! This is getting personal. Personal for some of our more liberal states.

15 mil to Mexico

All of the illegals we have coming through from Central America are all coming through Mexico. Our good friends, Mexico.

Like the late 70s, except worse

In all of my years on the Earth, I have not seen the world meting down since the late 70s.