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Three pots burning on the stove

The Obama administration political whack a mole continues. Just a few weeks ago, the hottest topic for the press was the VA hospital meltdown.

The slow info drip of Bergdahl's story

We are just scratching the surface of the PR fiasco from the 5-1 trade the Obama administration made. I still want to know why an entire presidential administration thought, in their words, according to NBC P

POW release blues

Ill bet the president is reminiscing about the good old days. Like last week, when the VA hospitals were on the front page and his supporters were still trying to bl

Hero or goat?

Well, I guess the exchange rate now for the Obama administration is 5-1. We get back some confused army enlisted man for some of the worst leaders of Taliban.

Let the military fix it

The head of the VA, Shinseki, has resigned. Ok, now what?

The VA doesn't need more money

Nancy Pelosi just said in order to fix this VA problem, it's going to take more money. Well, she's wrong.
More VA mess

More VA mess

Another VA scandal today . one is hustling to fix this. It's been a mess for as long as I remember. Secretary of defense, Chuck Hagel, today finally wants to look into it. What's so hard?
Why no outrage now?

Why no outrage now?

Another heaping hot pot of media hypocrisy. Remember back in the bush administration when Valerie Plame...the CIA operative's identity was revealed?

Thoughts about Memorial Day

I already had another topic set to go this morning until I went to lunch. I heard memorial day this and that. This gets us in the outdoor, cookout, boating and summer fun season.

More VA fallout

Jim Geraghty writes in the National Review Online, about comments that then-Senator Barack Obama made in November 12, 2007:
Is the white house killing gun sales

Is the white house killing gun sales

Kelly Ridell has an interesting story in the Washington times. A story I think is true.

Let's hear both sides of the argument

This will get things stirred up again. The Mail online's Ben Spencer wrote recently:

New York Times...war on women?

This is another one of those stories I had to read about three times to make sure I had it correct.
I fell asleep soundly

I fell asleep soundly

Yesterday, the president spoke to leaders in law enforcement. The president basically told the cops how to do their job.
Obama scare

Obama scare

BRIANNA EHLEY, writes in the Fiscal Times A handful of state-run health exchange websites-which cost nearly half a billion dollars to build-still don't work, nearly seven months after they first went live.