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Prayers for Bre'Shauna: 12-year-old Tyler ISD student battles cancer


POSTED: Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 9:56pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 18, 2014 - 8:42am

12-year-old Bre'Shauna is just like any sixth grader, participating in cheerleading and other activities at Boulter Middle School. Only this girl is even stronger than what meets the eye. She has been battling cancer since 10 years old.

Two years ago Bre'Shauna's mother took her to the doctor because of increasing shoulder pain. She is a very active child, so initially her case was dismissed as muscle strain. Only a few days later her face began to swell, and Bre'Shauna's mother, Tyrhonda Sherfield, knew there was a much bigger problem at hand. So Tyrhonda encouraged doctors to take an x-ray. Sherfield, said, "When they did the x-ray they found a mass in her chest. All of her lymph nodes had gathered together in a ball in her chest, and they were pressing up against her heart". Soon, Bre'Shauna was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

Bre'Shauna needed to go through a year of intensive Chemotherapy. So she spent all but one week of her fifth grade year, in isolation. Sherfield said, "We knew that it was a requirement, because if she had gotten any kind of infection, it could have taken her life at any moment". Her family and friends rallied behind her, sending notes of encouragement throughout the process.

Bre'Shauna went into remission, but in March the cancer came back. Only this time, she was given just 3 days to live. One month later, she is still living life to its fullest. Sherfield smiled and said, "A whole month later she hasn't missed much of school, she hasn't missed any cheerleading, she's been going to her competitions and she has one coming up".  

So now, the family's faith is what keeps them going. Sherfield said, "We just have to go by the word of God. I mean he has the final say. We live each day as it is the last, because it's all we have". Even Bre'Shauna stays positive, saying, "It's hard going through it, and always being in the hospital and always being sick. You just have to stay strong and hope for the future".

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