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Prepare for freezing temps


POSTED: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 7:52pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 9:02pm

As our first hard-freeze of the season in East Texas is approaching folks may want to think about winterizing their home.

Plus, as the temperature changes it makes some folks feel lousy. The winter season is slowly approaching and besides your everyday chores prepare you and your home freezing temps.

Milton Vanderpool, a plumber in Tyler tell us winterizing your home is must. We need to get ready for the winter season.

We have some winter tips to stay problem free, safe and healthy.

"Identify the pipes that may be vulnerable to freezing, these are usually pipes on an outside wall, outside hydrants, maybe a washer machine that's off in the garage area," says Milton Vanderpool, American Plumbing.

Vanderpool says, those pipes need to be heated or insulated if they can be.

"When water freezes it expands and that can cause the pipe to burst and when it falls out you've got a flood in the area,” says Vanderpool.

With freezing temps, Tyler fire has some safety tips.

"For people who haven't turned their heaters on they're probably going to and bring the space heaters out, space heater safety is huge, we see a lot of fires because people misuse of misplace the space heater,” says Brandon Davis, Assistant Fire Marshal.

A minimum three-feet clearance from all combustibles is recommended.

"People place them close to their bed or close to the sofa when they're watching TV, and if it's close enough to heat it up it will actually catch it on fire," says Davis.

With weather change, Brad Martin, Pharmacist says, you want to think about cold prevention.

"Weather change is really rough on people's sinuses, the wind picks up the mold, temperature fluctuation going inside to a warm office after being outside in the cold," says Martin.

So make your winter checklist to stay problem free, safe and healthy.

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