President Obama plans to regulate carbon dioxide


POSTED: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 4:57pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 10:13am

President Obama announced this week he wants to cut down on carbon emissions.

He used some data not all scientist agree on to make his point. President Obama is calling for carbon cuts at power plants.

He wants the EPA to limit carbon emissions and plans to go after the oil and coal industry, an industry which creates a lot of jobs in Texas.

"I'm not for the government action concerning carbon usage or monitoring carbon in our lives and it sustains a lot of energy industries," said Phil Parks, Owner of Texas Responsible Energy & Efficiency, in Tyler.

Parks has worked in the coal industry for years and also specializes in solar power.

He says to single out the carbon industry as a villain to climate change is not the right thing to do.

When the president made his point, he said almost 97 percent of scientist in the nation think climate change is a reality and that the temperature of the earth keeps going up.

"First of all, the idea of 97% of all scientists agree with man-made global warming is totally bogus.Tthat study was boiled down to just 77 scientists, many of which received their funds from the government to study climate change," said KETK's Chief Meteorologist Scott Chesner.

The president claims more than 40 percent of Americans believe people are causing the Earth to get warmer.

Also part of that same report, 23 percent believe the earth is warming because of natural patterns.

Chesner says, this is a power grab and the idea of increased CO2 is causing climate change is hard hard to believe.

"There have been periods is the Earth's history where the climate has been much warmer than it is now before man could have possibly have anything to do with it," said Chesner.


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