President Obama wants longer school year for America's children

President Obama wants longer school year for America's children

POSTED: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 2:35am

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 11:55am

NEW YORK (AP) -- President Barack Obama's call for a longer school day and year for America's kids echoes a similar call he made a year ago to little effect, illustrating just how deeply entrenched the traditional school calendar is and how little power the federal government has to change it.

Education reformers have long called for U.S. kids to log more time in the classroom so they can catch up with their peers elsewhere in the world, but resistance from leisure-loving teenagers isn't the only reason there is no mass movement to keep schoolchildren in their seats.

Such a change could cost cash-strapped state governments and local school districts billions of dollars, strip teachers of a time-honored perk of their profession, and irk officials in states that already bridle at federal intrusion into their traditional control over education.

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YES! A year-round calendar is exactly what we need! It doesn't even necessarily have to be more than our usual 180 days, but we do need to spread out the time off. Two 'first days' a year would also be a good thing--So that the kids in elementary wouldn't be more than 6 months apart in age (which is HUGE developmentally).

And you know how we could pay for it? STOP USING TAX DOLLARS FOR FOOTBALL! Make football (and other team sports) a club that the participants have to pay for.

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