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Privacy concerns after retailers get hacked

Privacy concerns after retailers get hacked
Sunday, January 12, 2014 - 10:19pm

The recent data breach at Target and Neiman Marcus is worrying many East Texans.

Security experts say, any time a person gives personal information such as telephone number, email, address and zip code, your personal information is put in to data collection. Once a hacker obtains your credit card number the deal is done.

East Texans we spoke with say, privacy is a thing of the past and after all this hacking going on they’re going to be extra careful.

Here’s what some East Texans are doing to protect their personal information:

- Always check your bank account.
- Think twice before signing up for anything.
- Receive bank statements through mail not email.

Charlie Niles of Tyler says she never used to think about getting hacked, now she’s more cautious when being asked for personal information.

Some simply say, they just don’t trust technology.

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