Protect your home from grass fires

Sunday, September 15, 2013 - 11:42pm

     East Texas has seen its fair share of forest and grass fires recently. The drought of 2011 made it practically impossible to stop them from starting.

     And right now is one of the driest times of the year.

    "The fuel conditions right now in East Texas are either critically dry or extremely dry," said Luke Kanclerz, Texas A&M Forest Service.

    July through September are some of the worst months for grass fires. And Northeast Texas has the greatest concentration of ignition of wildfires in the entire state. So what you can do to better protect yourself?

     The Texas A&M Forest Service says to: keep your lawn mowed and irrigated, reduce the density around your house of trees or brush, remove vegetation near windows, and clear any leaves or pine needles from your property.

    "we like to say that defensible space is beautiful space so that's just keeping it manicured, cleaned up and you can do that in a morning or afternoon and getting on your roof and making sure theres no pine needles on your roof in the gutters," Kanclerz said. "Those are the two most important things that can be done."

     Luke Kanclerz says clearing up things around your house and car can prevent sparks from turning into major flames.

    "People do debris burning and they escape and that causes fires but with the dry conditions were seeing fires caused by flat tires, chains being dragged down the road, and barbeque pits," Kanclerz said. 

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