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Provocative musical upsets some


POSTED: Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 5:43pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 1, 2014 - 4:14pm

East Texans were upset with the winter production chosen by one Tyler theater. Spring Awakening is an award winning musical. Despite its popularity, some East Texans don't want it performed in their city. Words like sex and nudity have left a bad taste in the mouth of East Texan Charles White.

"...morals. You dull your senses to things if you watch it long enough," said White.

He said he was upset at the idea of the play being performed at the Apex Theater Twenty in Tyler because he thinks East Texas is a place where the subject of sex should not be present on stage.

"We're suppose to be more conservative, and we say we believe in Christ. If we're not gonna stand up for him, are we gonna allow people to do that?" said White.

As a Tyler native, the musical's director says he understands the concerns.

"I want that to be put at ease because that's not what the point of the play is. It's not to make people uncomfortable at all. It's to help people discover something inside of themselves that they haven't gotten the chance to ever before," said Director, Matthew James Butler.

He said there will be no male frontal nudity. The most female nudity you will see are chests.

"It will never be the drawing point of the show. It's not gonna be shock value. Let me put it that way. That's not the point of the nudity, for shock value," said Butler.

White still has concerns. He thinks it will hurt the city.

"I feel like if you don't stand for something you'll stand for anything, as the saying goes. Someone has to speak up," said White.

The musical will be performed December 12-20.

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I can't believe this is in the news, yet people wonder why so many flee this city in embarrassment (by the way, the saying is: "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything"). Tyler needs more art, theater, music. Tyler needs more real culture. I'm glad the city of Tyler is hosting events like the Downtown Wine Swirl and Black Tie Bingo (Moulin Rouge themed) and private organizations like Artists Nation are doing things like Spoken Word, Drink and Draw and Taste of Art. Keep it at!

Don't buy a ticket and I still think any nudity on stage is not appropriate. Why would anyone want to do this? That isn't acting, it sounds like porn to me.

"We're suppose to be more conservative, and we say we believe in Christ. If we're not gonna stand up for him, are we gonna allow people to do that?" said White."

YES, Mr. White, YOU ARE going to allow us to do that. Because as YOU sir have your freedom to worship a COW if you want to, you have NO RIGHT to tell us what to believe or how or who to worship. As well as people have a RIGHT to freedom FROM religion. And if you open your mind to NEW things, you just might sharpen YOUR senses sir!

If you don't like the show's content, don't buy a ticket. I'm not a fan of this type of theater, and I won't be attending. But the more people gripe, the more attention a trashy production receives.

What arrogance! How does this even get in the news? Hello, East Texas! Ready for the 20th century yet?

The very best way to register one's objection to this production is to not buy a ticket... folks, just like making your opinion count in the voting booth, not buying a ticket to a show that promotes themes that are counter to one's sensibilities is the only way to address this issue and send a message to the producers and backers... really simple answer, wouldn't you agree?

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