'Put prayer back in the schools not guns'


POSTED: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 8:51pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 1:59pm

The Sandy Hook shooting urged one Lufkin man to express his opinion on a big yellow sign on the highway.

It says, "put prayer back in schools not guns."

"Whether it's a civil matter or a spiritual matter, we need to stand our ground," said Kenneth Campbell Owner of  KC's Auto & Truck Retail.

With a bold yellow sign written in big red letters, Campbell wants people to soak in his message.

Prayer needs to make it's way back into schools.

"We have to go back on what the nation was founded on," said Campbell.

Campbell owns an auto sales business on highway 59 in Lufkin.

After the Sandy Hook shooting, and schools around the nation arming their teachers, he felt the urge to remind the public to go back to the basics.

''We may think that if we have guns to meet them when they come in the door that's the answer but that's not the answer."

In April, he put the sign outside of his shop right next to a cross he built a couple years ago.

With the simple message, "put prayer back in the schools not guns."

So far, he's received nothing but positive responses.

"I'm not trying to stir up anything, hopefully the people that get the message, get it in their heart."

His message has already hit home with some locals.

"I believe there is a lot of American's that feel the same way. He was just brave enough to put a sign outside of his business, " said Kim Davis, who works right next door to Campbell.

Davis says she agrees with his stance about God in schools.

"Ultimately taking God out has created more harm than good."

Campbell says rain or shine, the sign will remain.

"It's there. There to stay. You know I stand my grounds," said Campbell.  

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Police security cost lots of money, at lest if it is to be effective security. Teachers who volunteer for training to become school marshals is far more efficient as they are teachers already and double as security if the need arises.

One cannot put prayer back in schools due to their being far more than one religion and thus you would have to give equal time to all religions (and that is if atheist didn't object.)

Guns? Idiot! Guns have been in schools for centuries. Rifle ranges used to be in many schools, gun safety classes were taught 100 years ago in schools. Youths use to go hunting right after school with guns left in their cars!

It's only with the breakdown in the family unit that nutjobs rampage through schools.

how idiotic - prayer has nothing to do with safety in schools - letus have police security

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