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Recycling East Texas jobs in Tyler

Thursday, February 27, 2014 - 11:40pm

Recycling is one way many people try to "do their part.," but few realize, they're also giving a boost to the economy at the same time.

Every year, recycling centers are developing new ideas to keep trash out of landfills, and in Tyler, it's no different.

According to director of solid waste Russ Jackson, 70% of items found in a landfill can be recycled.

The center is now taking old television sets, computer monitors, and gaming systems to be recycled as well as sold at Goodwill.

Also, to save on cost, Jackson encourages people to donate what they can in person at the center, rather than solely relying a truck pick-ups, since the fuel cost often outweighs the benefit of saving money on recycling.

But recycling center such as the one in Tyler, do more than keep renewable items out of landfills, it helps keep East Texans employed.

"It's a self funded recycle center and everything that's brought to the recycle center helps pay for the employees that work here and for all the proceeds of the operation," said Jackson.

In the coming weeks, you personally could make money off of recycling in Tyler.

They are in the stages of developing a program of donating smartphones and tablets, where they would pay you for your donation.

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