Remembering Cooper Low


POSTED: Sunday, August 11, 2013 - 5:28pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 12:46pm

Many East Texans are remembering a little boy from Alto who touch many hearts.

Cooper Low was born with a fatal heart condition and was waiting for a heart transplant in Houston.

He was to celebrate his second birthday August 19th, though he has passed his spirit lives on.

"He really meant a lot to this community and brought us together, " says Kris Hoover of Alto.

A friend of the Low family tells KETK, it's been difficult for the Low family and they've received so much support.

"As we sat in the hospital on Friday, I just felt like the Lord has really given them strength," says Jason Duplichain, a friend of the family.

The former Mayor of Alto Sandy Wallace shared a few words about Cooper's passing to KETK,

It's been a long hall for them, but we are going to help them through this and keep them in our prayers."

People of Alto came together, posting signs around town to keep his story alive which has touched many people across the state.

"Cooper has touched many lives especially through Facebook ad a lot of that technology that we have people from all over the world have been following him not just Alto but around the world," says Duplichain.

Prayers will continue for the Low family.

"As they hurt we hurt, as they've rejoiced we've rejoiced with those and it's going o be an endeavor to keep faith with them," says Wallace.

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He was precious little boy that we had the pleasure of meeting several times. I know he touched so many hearts and will always be remembered. His family is in our prayers. Mark & Karen Bell, Conroe, Texas

Such a AWESOME memorial for SWEET BABY COOPER!

Thank you Kelli!

Teresa Sardina

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