Remembering Hannah with little red wagons

Friday, December 20, 2013 - 10:52pm

Throughout the Collie family's home in Alto are butterflies.

You can find them all over the walls, and this time of year, on the family Christmas tree.

They are a way to remember their daughter Hannah, who died from a heart condition, four years ago.

"For us to give this time of year it helps us a lot cause we can't buy her anything anymore and so for us to be able to put a smile on another child's face it just blesses us," said Amanda Collie, Hannah's mother.

So every year, Amanda and her husband Jason, make a trip to Children's Medical Center in Dallas where Hannah went for treatment, taking toys along with a few red wagons.

Wagons the kids can ride in and out of treatments, something Amanda says, Hannah looked forward to.

"It becomes a daily outing for the kids a way to get out of the room, the room kind of is their safe place but also it's a little scary at times, so they're able to get out and feel like a normal kid," said Amanda.

It's a gesture the Collie's remember cherishing when their daughter was getting treatment.

"When we couldn't necessarily do for her as much as we would like to it was a blessing to get people to give and to feel love there, fell Christmassy there," she said.

Hannah's stocking still hangs alongside her family's, but their gift to her each year, is making sure other children, feel just as loved, as she was.

"She's smiling down, I think she's so proud," said her mother.

Hannah died on October 25th four years ago, now that's the date every year, when they start organizing this outreach.

And like the butterflies Hannah loved, every year, it's a new beginning.

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