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Remembering our fallen soldiers


POSTED: Monday, May 27, 2013 - 6:02pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 10:39am

Memorial Day is more than just getting the day off of work and school.

It's a day to remember the men and women who died in combat.

"This is the most sacred day of all. What we're celebrating and what we're looking back on," said WWII Veteran George Martin.  

Memorial Day is more than just bbqing and enjoying the day off.

Americans across the country honor and remember those who died fighting for our freedom.

"It's totally in remembrance of our fallen soldiers and the ones who will fall in the near future," said Vietnam Veteran Gerald Mcfarlin

It was first know as Decoration Day and started after the Civil War to remember union soldiers.

By the 20th century, Memorial Day now honors all Americans who have died serving in the military.

88-year-old Martin fought in WWII.

"Went in at 17 came out at 21 and those are supposed to be the years you use for something else but for me it was WWII and there is no place that I would have rather been than be there," said Martin.

Martin shared with KETK memories from the war still very fresh in his mind and the injuries to prove it.

He remembers the invasion of Saipan and a navy plane exploding in the air and falling down on him and his fellow soldiers.

Killing hundreds of soldiers in seconds.

"We were in a boat for 7-8 hours waiting to go in and to almost get there and lose such a high percentage of our people was a shock that didn't set in for a couple days," said Martin.  

Martin visited the WWII monument in Washington D.C.. and was overwhelmed with emotion as he stared at the wall and remembered how many soldiers lost their lives for our country.

"Almost 500,000 young guys didn't come back and you feel that and wonder why you did and they didn't," said Martin.  

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The military was once an institution Americans could take pride in. Today, it's an institution for violent predators and rapists to join. Women soldiers are subjected to assaults and rape every day and the crimes are swept under the rug just like the cops who get paid leave when they break the law. And the man you interviewed who said it was the best day? Shame on him. The best day was when Christ died 4our sins, unless youre an unbeliever then enjoy it now because your best days are behind you.

Do we remember our fallen soldiers when government forces us to buy health insurance, regardless of our health. Do we remember our fallen soldiers when we step out of our front doors onto a battlefield as defined by the government under the NDAA law. Do we remember our fallen soldiers when we allow the government to censor our phone calls, internet, and media. Do we remember our fallen soldiers when Homeland security intimidates protestors of illegal IRS audits. Or do we just salute a flag ?

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