REPORT: 8-year-old child among the 2 dead in Boston Marathon explosion

REPORT: 8-year-old child among the 2 dead in Boston Marathon explosion
Video from: CNN/WHDH

POSTED: Monday, April 15, 2013 - 9:40pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 9:55am

UPDATE (6:00 p.m.) : CNN is reporting that among the two confirmed dead in the Boston Marathon bombings, one is an 8-year-old child.

Also, the White House is calling the bombings an "Act of Terror."

Along with the two killed in the explosion, sources say there are at least 90 injured.

Earlier, according to The New York Post and FOX NEWS, a suspect was in custody in a Boston hospital. Boston authorities have since confirmed this to be untrue.

KETK will continue to update the information as it released.

ORIGINAL STORY: (2:45 p.m.) : A pair of explosions rocked the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon, injuring at least a half-dozen people, a CNN producer at the scene said.

The blasts occurred a few seconds apart, shrouding downtown Boston's Copley Square in smoke. Paramedics were treating several victims at the scene, and police ordered onlookers to back away from the area, CNN Producer Matt Frucci reported.

The explosions occurred about 2:45 p.m., about an hour after the first runners had crossed the finish line, Frucci said.

There are several East Texans who were scheduled to participate in the Boston Marathon. KETK is working to update a list of East Texan participants.

Officials say two other bombs were found after the inital explosions and were dismanteled.

KETK will update with more information as it comes in.

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suz is now on the list of cold and heartless fools who can't stay on point, in this instance, the tragic loss of life and the mortally wounded in the Boston attack can add your collective lack of compassion for those who are suffering and the families, friends and Boston community, to the list of idiot rabble that focuses on religious zeal, anti-government tripe, and rock-hard and dangerous un-American rhetoric...miserable examples of what America should stand for...UNITY!

Yes, it was a tragedy and it is getting worse by the day, morals & values are a thing of the past, anyone can come into this country and do as they please, and all your government is worried about is gays, taxes, illegals, and using our military to barter deals with other countries. I believe that you are the one that can't stay on point or accept the truth Hillarygal. If you had your way America would be like Mexico, but don't give up hope Obummer is trying his best to fulfill your wish.

ketk attracts the dregs of East Texas to post un-American sentiments...I will call you out with the truth, call you out for what you represent and, exercising my Constitutional right to free speech, will always post my for your name-calling, this is so grade school and lame, and certainly doesn't affect me at all...staying on point was to address the Boston tragedy...which one of us brought in all manner of other issues to this site? Wasn't me, suz?

As for anyone's assumption that a foreigner did the bombing, from the description of the bomb materials used, it would not be beyond the pale to suggest that they could have been rigged by a former bomb tech who had served in the Middle East...someone who was charged with disarming them on the don't jump to conclusions, haven't a clue (though you will certainly run your mouth with something!) anymore than anyone else. Spend your time praying for the dead and wounded.

You two are beyond belief!! No matter your agenda, you have to inject your pitiful opinions into a situation that requires compassion and prayers for those killed and horrendously wounded in the Boston tragedy. You are disgusting and cold one expects compassion from people like you two, who are so filled with hate you can't even stop for one second to think of anyone but yourselves...claudie, your "faith" is going to turn more people off Christianity, so to you and.chuck, shut up!

Yea, the U.S. runs around the world minding and protecting every other countries assets & people but their own. Go ahead and make thousands of illegals and others citizens, who cares that they know nothing about them, what they have done in the past, where they are really from, or what they are capable of, all that matters is that the U.S. needs more citizens to pay taxes, vote, and that have no idea what rights are so they wont complain about not having any.

Our media is quick to report the victims found in the streets of Boston, but will never report the many more victims to come, the American citizen, already treated as an enemy of the state in the name of safety.

So many crazy people in the world today. When will this world realize it is not true Christians that are the problem. We can't speak of Christ in the school, but what has happened to this world since that rule was made? It is time America woke up.

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